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So should we just have a funeral for Hunt Middle School?

by greenfringegarden
on 3/3/2010 @ 5:13pm
Well, things are not so great at Hunt Middle School. Anyone have ideas for the kids and parents to get through it? Since the school is failing...and next year kids will be displaced to other schools...what plans are in the works to accomodate that if nothing is done for the process this one has should we just assume "success is on the frontier"? Except what about learning now? Should we just write off the middle school experience and assume it will all get better in a couple of years? As a family we feel like we pretty much have zero options except to have a funeral.

by Non Sequitur on 3/3/2010 @ 5:42pm
Raze it.

by fredo on 3/4/2010 @ 7:11am
GRG-One month ago you were posting incessantly about the need to pass levy prop. 2 so that Hunt could be torn down and replaced. Now you are complaining that efforts to replace Hunt will result in students being "displaced to other schools." Be careful what you wish for.

"we feel like we ... have zero options"

Well, that's correct Green. You have all day today to mount a grassroots effort to overturn the proposal at tomorrow's (3/5/10)school board meeting. For what it's worth, I oppose the proposal. The parents and taxpayers in the district haven't been given enough time to study and discuss the proposal. This is a Trojan horse that Tacomans will eventually regret, sort of like a federal version of Charlie Milligan.

by jenyum on 3/4/2010 @ 9:17am
Actually, the meeting is tonight at 7:30 pm

While I don't necessarily agree with you, Fredo, I think there is good reason to be skeptical of what is being offered in exchange for all these disruptive changes. It's not like we've never seen any unfunded federal mandates... If it weren't for the fact that doing *anything* different at this point is probably a good idea, I'd be in your camp. For the time being though I'm cautiously optimistic that shaking up the middle school environment in this town can only be a good thing. It's been very clear for a long time if you look at test scores that this is the time period when everything falls apart for kids academically, and they just never recover. (I'm speaking of course in the aggregate and not about individual kids.)

Anyway, I'm going to try to be at the meeting tonight. GFG: you should go. Get there a few minutes early and fill out a request to speak card (give it to the secretary at the podium.) I think you are right in that there needs to be some formal acknowledgment for the kids at Hunt, where they feel like they are guided through this transition, know what to expect, and are introduced to their new schools.

by fredo on 3/4/2010 @ 10:44am
Just one month ago we were assured that if we passed Props 1 & 2 our children would be on the receiving end of a great education with low class sizes and all the extras. Now that the Props have been passed we're told that our schools are in such dire condition that we have to scrap what we were planning to do, at least at the four subject schools. If our efforts aren't appreciated I, for one, would like my money back. This is all school board bait and switch.

Jen, thanks for the correction. The school board meeting is tonight at 7:30. The public may be invited to testify but you may be assured that Dr. Jarvis and the Board have already made their decision, that's the Tacoma method.

by fredo on 3/4/2010 @ 12:16pm
You don't need to bother attending tonight's board meeting. The board voted this morning to accept the offer. School board pulls another fast one on the citizens.

by jenyum on 3/4/2010 @ 1:49pm
....that was my bad, the meeting time was 7:30 AM! guess I'm not going to that one, huh.

(Weird time for a meeting.)

by jenyum on 3/4/2010 @ 1:51pm
I just hope that we:

a) Get the 7 million the district is asking for and

b) Find that that is enough to actually do anything significant

At least week's board meeting, there was talk of extending the school day, and making English and math classes 90 minutes long

by greenfringegarden on 3/5/2010 @ 10:48am
Hey all...just to be clear...I totally SUPPORT what the district and the union are trying to do... my question had more to do with community involvement with the schools affected...and the fact that not everyone understands what is going on. Moreover...the teachers and staff now have to deal with even more unruly students who feel displaced and upset. (Parents too) some schools really need to operate like community centers, with extended hours, social services onsite, one on one help...immediate crisis intervention...this all helps the environment and the students and also at Middle School age range would help prevent the formation and continuation of gang activity. This is where the district and the union are headed and I think it is Great. Excellent Article in the TNT this morning as well, however current process could be addressed to help students and family cope with temporary loss of place...I have heard from kids in several schools. Things got tougher when the announcement and reaction was made. All of you who are great leaders...please give good feedback for process.

by greenfringegarden on 3/5/2010 @ 10:50am
PS, I could not make the meeting because I had Dems meeting to go to and to get my son to training at TBC. My best to you all
and Fredo, my invite still stands to come to my son's school, which is Hunt Middle School. Rumors are rampant act out when they feel insecure...

by greenfringegarden on 3/5/2010 @ 10:54am
I witnessed a gang assault last week, in a different location and it was Middle School age kids...parents said...Middle School is where the problems are...and they are very very serious... and I can tell you our Middle Schools need a comprehesive plan and clear problem solving programs and intervention. I will tell you Fredo...your conservative approach does not solve problems. I do agree with government being efficient and fiscally responsible...however ignoring issues does fix things and we do so with grave consequences.

by greenfringegarden on 3/5/2010 @ 10:56am
include the work not after does...LOL typing too fast.

by fredo on 3/5/2010 @ 11:01am
"kids act out when they feel insecure"

Parents have a responsiblity to address these issues of insecurity. School administrators have a responsibility to address the issue of kids "acting out." A little rambunctiousness is to be expected from young people, but students who become disruptive need to removed from the classroom.

by greenfringegarden on 3/9/2010 @ 2:19pm
Fredo, we would totally agree on the fact there is simply no accountability. My son is out ill today and frankly he could probably stay out for the rest of the year for all the differene it is going to make on his academic career. I think this year is a write off.

He goes to school with the children of as well as members of gangs. They do not want to be in school but he does. He admits that he cannot always be "the good kid" because the behavior is overwhelmingly bad. His fellow students will tell you as he does that on occasions the teacher actually cries. I am fed up as a parent with the excuses and the lack of academics.

Letting everyone know the schools are bad and closing has made it worse. I was shocked to discover many of my progressive friends voted against the levy...they frankly stated things like "I hope the schools blow up." They are bad and no one is accountable.

This is not my sentiment...but I am really tired of the lack of accountability. Democrats, Republicans it makes no difference...
I am beginning to think Charter schools might be a good idea...

by greenfringegarden on 3/9/2010 @ 8:20pm
Here is a link to Charter Schools...

I got the usual run around by the district. Fredo is right on many things. We need accountability....if we pay taxes to support these guys.