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Prop 1 campaign resorts to lies.

by fredo
on 10/20/2013 @ 8:10am
Prop1 proponents claim that the utilities to be affected by the proposal are more affordable.

Where is this claim independently corroborated?

The utilities affected are electric, gas, and phone.  Are proponents claiming our phone rates are too low? How about our natural gas? Also too low?

Election just two weeks away and the low information voters have been turned into NO information voters.

by NineInchNachos on 10/20/2013 @ 8:42pm
NO on prop 1 lies first.  Their mailer is so full of bullshit you could fertilize a whole street of street trees. 

by JesseHillFan on 10/20/2013 @ 9:08pm
Become your own utility ( rain barrels,solar panels,buy less consumer junk so your garbage is much less) and then vote yes.

by fredo on 10/20/2013 @ 10:27pm
Prop 1 will allow the city to fill an ADDITiONAL 1800 potholes per year. That's less than 6 potholes per day.

Hey, give me $11,000,000 per year and I'll fill 10 potholes every day and I'll throw in all the school crosswalk striping for FREE!

by fredo on 10/20/2013 @ 10:34pm
Tacoma News Tribune agrees that a NO vote on prop. 1 is the correct one.

by tacoma_1 on 10/21/2013 @ 3:49am
Tacoma News Tribune?  Not familiar with that publication.  If Tacoma actually had a daily newspaper, I'm sure that they would be in favor of prop 1. 

The News Tribune on the other hand, is more interested in selling papers regionally and pandering to the suburbs, than what is best for Tacoma. 

by fredo on 10/21/2013 @ 6:46am
People who don't agree with your POV must have ulterior motives?

Best for Tacoma? We get an additional five potholes filled every day and that requires an additional $60 Per 
Year Per Hosehold?

by NineInchNachos on 10/21/2013 @ 8:09am
TNT also endorsed Joe Lonergan

by tacoma_1 on 10/21/2013 @ 8:29am
Kraft Simpson probably told the TNT editorial board that if they endorsed prop 1, that they would charge em more for blank fish wrap. 

by fredo on 10/21/2013 @ 9:07am
The tribune published quite an exhaustive analysis and determined that the city council had not done a good job budgeting money for repair work. Even though street work was a high priority item it was only getting $5M per year in a city with a biennial budget of approximately $400M.

by JesseHillFan on 10/21/2013 @ 9:15am
You can bet though that the streets in front of the city council members and especially mayor are in tip top shape.

by fredo on 10/23/2013 @ 5:27am
On the city line TV show the other night councilman Ryan Mello recommended folks vote for Prop. 1 because it was especially written with SAFEGUARDS that would prevent city council members from using the funds for their own pet projects. 

Well if pet projects are a bad thing (as he just implied) then why don't we just undo some of those pet projects and use that money for the potholes? I'm pretty sure if we sold Cheney stadium we would have enough to fill 5 potholes per day.

by NineInchNachos on 10/23/2013 @ 10:24am
 why do you love University Place more than Authentic Tacoma?

by fredo on 10/23/2013 @ 12:02pm
Follow the golden rule nachos "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Being self centered and greedy doesn't look good on you.

by fredo on 10/24/2013 @ 6:15pm
The Tacoma Weekly has now weighed in on Prop. 1

They say NO.

by fredo on 10/28/2013 @ 1:40pm
 " Their (No on Prop. 1) mailer is so full of bullshit you could fertilize a whole street of street trees." nachos 

I just read the mailer from beginning to end... twice. I didn't see anything that resembled a falsehood. Please tell us specifically what it claimed that was untrue.

by fredo on 10/30/2013 @ 6:42am
Pierce County Council votes no by a 5 to 1 margin.

by tacoma_1 on 10/30/2013 @ 1:50pm
A meaniningless vote. The only votes that get counted are the ones from Tacoma citizens next Tuesday. 

by fredo on 10/30/2013 @ 1:57pm

  No more meaningless than your comments and those are always worthy of posting...apparently.

by tacoma_1 on 10/30/2013 @ 2:13pm
But my vote will get counted, and Pierce County Council's vote doesn't.  That makes the Councils opinion meaningless. 

by fredo on 10/30/2013 @ 2:29pm

  So from now on YOU are going to refrain from postings that involve ballot measures  that YOU can't personally vote on, is that it? After all, on those issues your opinion would be "meaningless."