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Getting constructive about Winfield's

by KevinFreitas
on 7/26/2007 @ 6:59am
After all the negative energy from the review over at Ed's Diner and some other harsh comments, I want to get constructive. Let's list out things that worked and didn't with Winfield's and/or the space itself so that other prospective and current restaurants and businesses here in town might learn a little before trying or dying.

The decor didn't match the food or visa versa
The dining room actually felt pretty formal while the prices and the service were not. I thought with some tweaks to help make the food service more prompt the menu was a pretty tasty one with prices to match. Lighten up the atmosphere and you'd easily have yourself a great family restaurant.

Don't try to do too much
Though I'm sure diversification is good I think Winfield's aspired to too much right away by attempting to be a restaurant, event hall, lounge, night club, bar, and pool hall. Bite off what you can chew and stick with it. The building itself is large and seems to demand a level of ambition but maybe more of a mixed use approach like bringing in other businesses, shops or even running the bar pool hall downstairs while someone else runs the restaurant up top may have worked better so as not to stretch any one owner/operator too thin.

Clean it up
Despite all the work done the place still seemed a bit ragged. From graffiti on a nearby retaining wall to uncut grass lining the sidewalk to cheap, sticker based signs inside to a dining area with men's bathroom in the same area not separated by a hallway to an unfinished deck -- there was plenty yet to do there before opening.

The spot is in a developing (not developed so it's still a bit pioneering to be there) part of town with plenty of potential. The views are pretty great and there's lots of parking. Once some residents move in and perhaps another business or two the area might feel more "solid" overall for investing in.

The pool hall
Like I mentioned, this part of Winfield's was spot on. It was fun and had a great feel and layout. If the owners had made this their focus along with a bar and maybe some appetizers, it could've worked.

by AP on 7/26/2007 @ 10:45am
I'm ashamed for never having been in. They didn't even give me a chance!!!

by Erik on 7/27/2007 @ 2:38pm
[i]After all the negative energy from the review over at Ed's Diner and some other harsh comments, I want to get constructive. [/i]

The local media and blog world gave these guys so much free press. They had their picture every where. Its nice to boost up local businesses. But in the end, you have to be significantly better than the local fry pit at a strip mall or you are not going to make it.