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RSS Confusion

by jenyum
on 7/25/2008 @ 12:17pm
I'm feeling really dumb about this but... Is there a way to just subscribe to the whole shebang without having to click on individual topic feeds?

by intacoma on 7/25/2008 @ 1:23pm

by KevinFreitas on 7/25/2008 @ 1:47pm
In the forums? Yea, there's an overall feed. It should show in the location bar but here's the address:

Hope that's what you're looking for. Cheers!

by jenyum on 7/25/2008 @ 2:51pm
That's it, thank you!

by Rue on 7/25/2008 @ 2:59pm
I'm looking for an rss for the stuff that comes across the main page. Is this possible Kevin?