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Happy New Year Kevin!

by jenyum
on 1/1/2008 @ 9:01am
Hope the Freitai had a wonderful New Year's Eve.

I just wanted to let you know that the pictures function seems to have frozen on 12/29. Not that you should leap up right now, at 9:01 AM on New Year's Day to fix it, just to let you know.

by izenmania on 1/1/2008 @ 11:47am
You should! Leap, dammit! Leap!

by KevinFreitas on 1/1/2008 @ 12:43pm
Haha. I was up then but haven't had a chance to troubleshoot. I used it just yesterday so I'm not sure what it could be. Rest assured, however, that I'm on the case!

by KevinFreitas on 1/1/2008 @ 3:35pm
Got it fixed earlier this afternoon so the Flickr fed photo section is up 'n running. Enjoy!

by jenyum on 1/1/2008 @ 5:33pm
It's working great now!