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Jack in the Box -- Action magnet?

by KevinFreitas
on 3/7/2007 @ 3:12pm
There was some action down at the Jack in the Box downtown on the corner of Pacific and 25th. About 6 or 7 cruisers raced down the hill past our office to there. Don't know what was going on but it didn't last for too long.

Is it just me or are area Jack in the Box's magnets for crime? While out a PLU I remember the one near 512 always had something going on and was seen on COPS every so often. Yikes.

by izenmania on 3/7/2007 @ 3:18pm
Heck, the house I lived in my senior year at PLU has been on COPS.

Anyway, I walked down to Pacific Studios (who have a better view of Jack than our office) to pick up our masters later that day, and the guys there said it was an armed robbery. Cops jumped out of their cars with guns drawn and everything, and came out with at least two guys in cuffs.

by KevinFreitas on 3/7/2007 @ 5:58pm
Yikes. I wonder if they were trying to shake down Jack for money or for one of his ciabatta's he's so proud of. Can you say ribwich?

by Joel on 6/2/2007 @ 2:42am
the jack in the box on center st. had a take over robbery a couple years ago...

by AP on 6/2/2007 @ 7:39am
Jack in the Box on Center hasn't even been open for more than a year... has it? Must've gotten robbed during the grand opening. I like the imagery of a "takeover" robbery of a fast food place. I'm picturing guys that look like the bandits in the backyard in A Christmas Story running around making themselves tacos and breakfast jacks while negotiating a hostage situation with police.

by KevinFreitas on 6/2/2007 @ 8:01am
The one we're talking about is on 25th and Pacific. It's been open a few years at least but it's a pretty shady corner, unfortunately.

by Erik on 6/3/2007 @ 10:19pm
Looks like the red building is going to have a nice hamburger joint in it.

by Joel on 6/4/2007 @ 4:07am
the jack in the box on center was opened back in July or August 2004, I think. My brother worked there from the time they opened until last year or so... and was a shift leader at the time they were robbed, though he wasn't working at the time.

by KevinFreitas on 6/4/2007 @ 6:39am
What the cross street on that one? Center and what?

"Looks like the red building is going to have a nice hamburger joint in it."

Indeed -- Mary's. See more here.

by AP on 6/4/2007 @ 2:38pm
It's at the intersection of Center & new Highway16 Onramp/Road to The Dump. It's right below Home Depot. You know the one.. By Little Holland and the McDonald's Gas Station near Fircrest.

by KevinFreitas on 6/4/2007 @ 5:50pm
Ah, there it is. Right.

by ensie on 6/6/2007 @ 10:27am
My father-in-law was robbed last Wednesday night at the Jack in the Box on Pacific and 25th. Two guys threatened him with knives (7 or 8 inch blades) and demanded all his cash and cell phone. Fortunately he carries a money clip, so he didn't have give up his wallet, and he told them his cell phone had a GPS in it, so they decided not to take it.

by AP on 6/6/2007 @ 10:47am
Lame. Was he in the drive-thru or on foot?

by ensie on 6/6/2007 @ 6:37pm
On foot. Apparently he's a regular there when traveling from his weekly poker game in Tacoma to his house in Spanaway. He happened to be in the area after picking up Frinklin and I from the airport.

He seems relatively mellow about the whole thing.

Sealed the deal for me - I won't be visiting that Jack in the Box ever again.

by tacomachickadee on 6/6/2007 @ 9:05pm

by KevinFreitas on 6/7/2007 @ 8:44am
ensie: Glad he's OK. That's scary stuff. I suppose there are some people in the area with all the nearby missions that might get desperate. I drive and Link by there all the time and, you can bet, if I saw anything like that going down I'd be on my cell right away. With our office just a few blocks up Pacific, I sure as heck say "not in our neighborhood!"