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He will be released from Pierce County Jail in a few days from now

by JesseHillFan
on 4/9/2013 @ 10:50am
You know who.April 15th,2013 will be liberation day for our illustrious gadfly.What will be the next set of kooky incidents?Be sure to watch TV Tacoma and upcoming city council meetings.

by marumaruyopparai on 4/9/2013 @ 2:57pm
I miss RR's satirical coverage of Council Meetings. . .  is the Traveller even allowed to attend those or do various restraining orders prevent his involvement?
Maybe he could be the new poster boy for the importance of Gun Control legislation.

by JesseHillFan on 4/9/2013 @ 4:09pm
Just remember that legally the Traveller as a convicted felon is allowed to possess certain guns like antique guns and own,manufacture or even fire muzzle loading cannons of any bore diameter or length as long as they don't contain explosive shells (which would classify them as an illegal destructive device).Stone or inert metal projectiles are O.K. and grape shot with lots of ball bearings would be O.K. Breach loading cannons or artillery pieces would be classified as a firearm.He can also legally possess any pnematic gun even those used on the U.S.S. Vesuvius (1888) which were of 15 inch bore with a 55 foot long barrel as long (again) as it didn't contain explosive shells.A fully automatic pellet gun would be all right too with bone shattering and penetrating composite pellets and so would a trebuchet,ballista, catapult,crossbow,sword etc.

by cisserosmiley on 4/9/2013 @ 9:55pm
I have collected enough for a bus ticket to Tucson...$37 more & we'll have a train ticket ready!