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Hydrogen Fuel Cell powered e bikes

by JesseHillFan
on 3/21/2012 @ 3:28am
O.K. I have been looking these although they are not quite available here yet.Pretty impressive comparing the range of these to more ordinary electric powered motorized bicycles.It looks like they will have about 3 times the range of e bikes with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for the same overall weight and one can possibly even generate his/her own hydrogen with solar energy or other methods from electrolysis of ordinary water.One can also buy bottles of pressurized hydrogen gas too and have them 

Here is another 

Here is their home hydrogen refueling station. 
As they state it's more practical to make 100 hydrogen fuel cell e bikes than to make onehydrogen fuel cell car (which would be very very expensive I'll guess way over $100K or more).I am not impressed by the electric bicycle itself which only is basically an assist classed motor (only 250 watts) but rather by the energy system.Really I'd like to see them upped to power a 500 watt motor.Still 250 watts is adequate though it will only assist one up hills and capable of only 15 mph travel probably on a level street.Hopefully these hydrogen fuel cell e bikes or especially kits will be available soon (I'd drool over getting one).
They even have some hydrogen fuel cell toys too.Quite interesting I might buy one.Here is one of 

Now on another related subject what about cycling in the rain which is a big problem here.Obviously one can either get ordinary rain gear which helps but what is better is a English style rain 

Here is something much better though that an individual made Not sure if he is selling those yet though.Quite interesting and looks fairly inexpensive to make.I don't know why he has the front or his apparatus mounted to the front wheel and to the handlebars.I see a problem/issue there.I would be better to have an attachment to the 

Compare this to that center photo  here with the orange/white 

This looks like a very interesting vehicle which would do well in the rain (I think the front must have a windshield)..
Of course one could buy an expensive enclosed Velomobile though which is completely enclosed.Like this 

On another note I am getting rid of my fossil fuel Kraft durch Freude Hitler program car tomorrow.Selling it.