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feed>>tacoma bike club

by izenmania
on 5/21/2008 @ 11:26am
I only call it an f>>t club because this is where it originated... really anybody who knows anybody and hears about it is welcome.

Basically the notion as it stands is to meet up around 1 on Sunday afternoons (weather pending, of course) and ride around Tacoma. Rides will be partially structured around ensuring an appropriate beverage establishment lies either toward the end, or in the middle for a break, or, when possible, both. Anyone who wants to can meet up at a starting point, and then depending on where people live we might build in a couple time points along the way if people want to join in progress.

ETA: Links screwed up... hang on a sec...

by izenmania on 5/21/2008 @ 11:30am
Okay. Since we're all busy with the holiday weekend, proposed first ride is May 31st, doing basically this:

I'm starting at 21st & Alder, so then some sort of zig zag, route TBD based on who wants to join where, over to Point Defiance. Ride the whole of Five Mile Drive, then finish up at the Goldfish Tavern. From my start to the Goldfish that's 8.9 miles (plus whatever is added on going home from the Goldfish afterwards).

Who's in? Jcbetty? Heather? Old Man AP?

by jcbetty on 5/21/2008 @ 11:34am
n, pending life insanity and babysitter :)

by jcbetty on 5/21/2008 @ 11:36am
--that was supposed to say I'm in. :)

by izenmania on 5/21/2008 @ 11:39am
Figured. Of course everything is always pending outside factors. Except for me, because I have no real life to hold me back :).

by izenmania on 5/21/2008 @ 11:45am
One last try at posting this before I give up. Here is my ultimate goal, by the end of the summer:

31.1 miles through Tacoman Suburbia. North end, UP, Steilacoom, Lakewood, Fircrest, home.

by pongo on 5/21/2008 @ 1:00pm
there's also tacoma critical mass. i can't recall when the next one is, but it's a similar idea. people riding bikes together. there are flyers for the next critical mass at pitchpipe infoshop (621 mlk way).

by Heather on 5/22/2008 @ 11:35am
I am in for the 31st! I'm stoked to start at 21st & Alder; we can check out the (lack of?) progress on the old building there. I'll bike over there from home and then ride home straight from Point Defiance instead of returning with ya'll.

I can't ride on June 8. Just signed up for the biodiesel homebrew class. But I think Sunday at 1 will be doable for a large portion of the summer.

Critical Mass? Pitchpipe infoshop? All new to me. I'll check it out. Thanks pongo.

by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 11:37am
Yeah, those following two Sundays (June 8 and 15) I actually have houseguests so I won't be going then, but I figured it would be fun to slip one in, and then pick up again later in June.

by Heather on 5/22/2008 @ 12:08pm
uh oh. We are talking about Sunday, June 1st, not Saturday, May 31?

by thriceallamerican on 5/22/2008 @ 12:14pm
I can't ride on June 8. Just signed up for the biodiesel homebrew class.

Yay biodiesel homebrew class!!!!

by izenmania on 5/22/2008 @ 1:08pm
We are talking about Sunday, June 1st, not Saturday, May 31?

*looks at an actual calendar instead of just taking people's word for it*

Yep! Looks that way.

by jcbetty on 5/22/2008 @ 6:43pm
(--mebbe, make it Sat, not Sun, if more people can make it?)

by KevinFreitas on 5/29/2008 @ 10:52am
Anyone still in for this? If so, what time on Sunday? Just trying to get my weekend planned.

by izenmania on 5/29/2008 @ 11:13am
(--mebbe, make it Sat, not Sun, if more people can make it?)

I don't know... I made it Sunday because Heather suggested Sundays. This particular weekend Saturday is a no-go for me, but Sunday is good. So I'm sticking with Sunday for the moment.

I believe we were gunning for 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

by dawntown on 5/29/2008 @ 11:23am
Im totally there! Been trying to find a good weekend ride. I can do sat or sun (at this time). Seems like Sunday would be a more consistent available day thru the summer.

See ya'll

Oh, I live near by Corinna's Bakery. Ill keep checking the post to get the exact times.

by Heather on 5/29/2008 @ 12:13pm
1pm on Sunday works great for us :)
Meet at N. Alder & 21st, correct?

by izenmania on 5/29/2008 @ 12:39pm
"Oh, I live near by Corinna's Bakery"

If I weren't going to be at 21st and Alder already for much of the morning, I'd say we should ride up together. We're practically neighbors!

by izenmania on 5/31/2008 @ 9:46am
first off: anybody mind if I bump it to more like 1:30?

second: who is joining in at a later point, and where? I want to make sure we don't skip anyone. Freitai? Jcbetty? AP?

by KevinFreitas on 5/31/2008 @ 9:55am
We'll catch everyone at 33rd and Stevens about 10 minutes after you start. Starting at 1:30 works for me tho.

Any bets as to how far I get? :)

by izenmania on 6/1/2008 @ 9:43am
hrm... no responses leaves me lacking confidence that people got my time shift message... I may just make a point to be ready at 1. I'll give you a shout and let you know which of the times we actually leave 21st and Alder, freitaka.

Heather, Dawn... my # is 720-9083. Give a holler if I'm not out there when you get there.

Anybody know if Jcbetty is in for sure?

by jcbetty on 6/1/2008 @ 9:53am
I'm in, I just had to confirm and reconfirm with the mother in law so that the 6 year old wouldn't have to jog along. I'll be at 21st and Alder at 1, I think it's safer for me b/c I think the mil wanted to return the kid by about three...

by jcbetty on 6/1/2008 @ 9:55am
---oh yeah. and are we doing this rain or shine? Looks bleak out there now, though I suppose there's some chance it could clear by the afternoon...

by psayre23 on 6/1/2008 @ 10:09am
I'm in for the last ride if we follow the directions from google. "From [Point A] Drive: 10.7 Miles"

by Heather on 6/1/2008 @ 11:07am
We are undecided, as my mood is matching the weather this morning, bleak and blustery. However, my mood is likely to change as quickly as the weather, so we will probably be at 21st & Alder at 1. We haven't been to the Goldfish in ages, so that is pretty good motivation.

by dawntown on 6/1/2008 @ 11:39am
Ill see everyone @1 @ 21st & Alder

by Mike H on 6/1/2008 @ 12:21pm
I'm in, weather seems to be holding. Meet at 33rd & Stevens 10+ min after you guys leave Alder (1pm or 1:30pm?). Maybe see the whale from one of the lookouts on 5 Mile Dr.

by morgan on 6/1/2008 @ 4:32pm
Kevin: New Vespa?

by Heather on 6/1/2008 @ 5:54pm
That was fun. Thanks all.

by izenmania on 6/1/2008 @ 5:55pm
Good times indeed. Looking forward to the next one.

(morgan, I got a sneak peak at the all-new Freitasmobile. It's quite shiny)

by KevinFreitas on 6/1/2008 @ 6:09pm
Here's a quick blog post with pics. I had a great time. Thanks everyone!

@morgan: Yessir. More soon...