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feed>>tacoma bike club: an interlude

by izenmania
on 6/17/2008 @ 9:51am
Dawn talked about maybe doing a quick ride this evening, nothing heavy. Any good ideas? She and I are both coming from approximately the Stadium District.

As for official Ride 2... I am going to be busy filming on Sunday... might be able to manage a later Saturday afternoon ride (around 5 or so) if people want. Otherwise I'll just sit it out and you kids can carry on without me.

by jcbetty on 6/17/2008 @ 10:36am
A nice, good-roads ride from there might be going North on Tacoma Ave, into Old Town.... Or maybe, go up 6th to I (which becomes 21st) a right on Alder has you avoiding the roads as then get power-lined and busy, head left on N 26th and then proceed to Proctor, then Right, that road will take you past Gardensphere and N Tacoma Montessori, keep on it and then go left as it ends, curve through neighborhoods until you get to Stevens, where you can wither wind through the Seminary area streets and then head back North on Cheyenne; as Cheyenne sort of forces you to go left (maybe that's 37th? st?), do so back to Stevens, proceed on Stevens back to N 21st, and back the way you came? --Kinda' scenic, not too car-crazy or hilly... not sure of the mileage though, but I suspect you have some mad google-map Skillz...

by izenmania on 6/17/2008 @ 10:52am
Tacoma Ave into Old Town is a nice, easy ride right up until you try to come back up...

by izenmania on 6/17/2008 @ 11:02am
9.0 Miles starting and ending at my apartment... I/21st -> Alder (N) -> 26th -> Proctor (still N) -> 37th -> Stevens (more N) -> 46th -> Cheyenne (S from here on) -> 36th -> Stevens -> 21st -> back the way we came.

Having done a 9 mile ride after work a couple weeks ago, and now having even more light, it's certainly doable. And there are plenty of places to turn around if we feel like being done. And we can end at the Parkway :).

by jcbetty on 6/17/2008 @ 11:05am
yeah, I thought abt the hills when I sort of abandoned the old town ride idea :)

by izenmania on 6/17/2008 @ 4:02pm
Okay, I'm going to go hang out at the Northwest corner of Wright Park (Division and I) from about 5:45 until 6 tonight, and then start riding along the route stated above. Anybody who wants to join in can.

by izenmania on 6/17/2008 @ 7:40pm
Just back from the ride. Hope we didn't leave anyone behind... I wanted to get back by 7:30 (and 7:30 it is now), so we left at 6:10 without Dawn or jc, knowing that if you were coming 1) you knew when I planned to leave and where I was going, and 2) you are both stronger and faster riders than me and could probably catch up.

As it was, I was joined by a guy named Doug, which is exactly the reason this site remains awesome. We could just as easily have all e-mailed each other and plotted something out, but on the forum we get random new folk, and slowly grow our biking horde.

How do people feel about Saturday? I'm putting at least some of the route planning on Heather, as she had an idea for a place to ride out by the bridge.