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Another big tree down

by fredo
on 8/4/2008 @ 11:33am
Just north of the Rosewood Cafe is the site of another spectacular tree failure.
An enormous tree which appears to have been rotten is now laying horizontally across the sidwalk. There is little property damage observed and no indication of injuries, luckily. If you're in the neighborhood go and check it out. This is yet another example of trees growing in the public right of way without any apparent arborial review. Address of the tree is 2619 n. Warner.

by AP on 8/4/2008 @ 2:44pm
Anybody know what might cause a couple giant, 100+ year old trees to go from healthy and windstorm resistant one season to rotten and collapsed the next? Termites? Asarco?

The tree that fell on North 31st & Proctor a couple months ago appeared to have disintegrated from the inside out. Many of the main branches showed signs of something gone awry in the tree's health.

I would suggest anyone living in the north end on Union, 30th, or any other tree-lined street go out and inspect the big-ass trees near your home for visible weakness. You don't want to be surprised by the next big one to drop.