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Neighborhood Parking -

by ensie
on 4/3/2007 @ 9:49pm
I've got a parking situation in my neighborhood, and it's starting to drive me crazy.

Across the street a guy bought a house, supposedly to flip, about the same time we moved in (almost 2 years ago). He and his wife lived there for about 6 - 8 months, then moved out. The house sat vacant for several months, then suddenly, it filled up with a random mixture of several different people. What appears to be his brother and wife, another couple with a baby, and various other random people appears to live in the house the majority of the time. On occasion other people appear to spend the night at the house for one or more days.

The people are all relatively quiet, the guy who owns the house is Mormon and they all appear to be members of the local Mormon church (we get a lot of Watchtower at our house). He is slowly working on the house's interior, although the exterior looks the same and the yard remains unmown, one of the few not cared for on our block.

The real issue is the parking. There are at least 5 cars attached the various members of the house that take up space on our street. The house next door to them is vacant/for sale, so they take up that space. On their other side the neighbor has had to ask repeatedly not to park in front of their house as her husband had a heart attack and needs to park close. They steal street parking from the condos across the street from them. Should we move our car from the space directly in front of our house you can bet there will be a car there when we return. Often it's a random overnight visitor, often one we've seen before.

There is plenty of available parking further down the street for visitors and extra cars.

We've had our cars vandalized twice since moving to Tacoma, and I am loathe to give up the space in front of our house where we can see our (new) car. Discussion among neighbors has not brought about a resolution on this matter.

I haven't been able to locate any sort of Tacoma residential parking law, if any exists...

by KevinFreitas on 4/4/2007 @ 12:02pm
I don't know of any laws about that sort of thing unless a vehicle is sitting for a long time. In that case it can be marked then towed.

Otherwise, if you suspect anything suspicious going on at the house itself you should keep a log of what you see and present it to the police. That may solve the parking issue in a whole different way.

by ensie on 4/4/2007 @ 2:38pm
Yeah, that's the other thing I've thought of. I really don't think it's anything nefarious going on, unless it's being illegally rented to people who need a place to stay. I suppose I'm just being petty, but when you're carrying groceries from a block away in the pouring rain day after day, it starts to wear on you, y'know?

I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with such issues in the past, if they've gotten the city involved at all?

We and our neighbors have done the log thing before with a rental house in our area that had some drug issues going on. The police were very receptive and the bad elements in the house were gone within a month of our contacting the cops. Very effective!

by fredo on 3/6/2008 @ 10:13pm
Neighborhoods with street parking only are poor choices for people who want to own cars but who are unwilling to park anywhere except in front of their own dwelling. In general, you don't have any right to the parking space in front of your house. My advice is to find a house with a driveway. Regarding the odd living arrangement you've observed, this is Tacoma, get used to it.