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Left hand turners, I dissuade your evil ways

by AP
on 3/24/2007 @ 3:27pm
To all who camp on green lights, waiting to turn left at rush hour all over town, I have but one question. Do you:
a) prefer to wait in line, perhaps through a light or two, to remain on arterials as long as possible, avoiding tighter residential streets?
b) forget to turn on a street prior to these intersections?

by jenyum on 3/24/2007 @ 5:23pm
I admit it, I prefer the psychological comfort that a traffic light provides, and it's easier to account for what all the other cars are doing at an intersection than in the middle of a busy street. Also, in the north end a lot of streets don't go all the way through to where I am going, and I don't know all of them yet.

I always wonder about people who feel the need to sit right on my tail and get mad. Where are they going? Why do they need to get there *right now* and can they not read the speed limit sign? Seeing the age of my car and the kids in the back ought to tell them that tailgating is just pointless and needlessly dangerous.

by AP on 3/24/2007 @ 9:30pm
To clarify, I'm certainly not a speeder or a tailgater, but I cannot stand the backups. My whole point to this: wouldn't it be cool if there were uninterrupted streets (one in each direction, north and south) through Tacoma? My poor car and I waste much fuel and time on the crawl through town every day. My commute is 12 minutes if I catch the lights just right and 30 if I miss them all. Finally, Tangentville comes full circle, to the left hand turn problems. After sitting through 15 red lights, I just can't bare to sit through green.

by jenyum on 3/25/2007 @ 11:30am
More uninterrupted streets would definitely help.

I wish Orchard weren't so broken. It would be great if it didn't have that annoying break up at 19th street.

I usually take 12th in the East/West direction, and S. Tyler or Alder/Cedar/Pine/Oaks (by the way, one name would help! It's one street in a straight line) in the North/South.

by KevinFreitas on 3/25/2007 @ 3:13pm
I try and chill when waiting on no-arrow left-turners especially since it only adds a whopping minute or two to my drive home. In some spots I'd argue there's ample room for a left turn lane but not in others. Most folks will just go around (myself included) to the right, carefully checking for left turners coming from the opposite direction.

My fav N/S street from the north end is Stevens. I'm not too worried about a straight-shot N/S route though since it helps the area keep it's urban residential feel.

by AP on 3/25/2007 @ 7:50pm
I like the urban residential feel as well. If anyone is familiar with Roosevelt/15th Streets in N Seattle, I love that setup with the one-ways; 12th/11th used to be like that here and it didn't work for whatever reason. For now I guess I'll just sit back and watch roundabouts take over my hoodscape.

by KevinFreitas on 3/27/2007 @ 9:19am
Oh, and left turners that queue in the intersection and don't signal -- totally lame!

by ensie on 3/28/2007 @ 11:23am
How do you all feel about round-abouts? We have the miniature versions all over the place in the residential side-streets. They seem to help slow down people who enjoy racing around my North Tacoma neighborhood. But I'm talking about the bigger roundabouts. The ones in UP and Olympia seem to work pretty well. They make left-hand turns a breeze!

by KevinFreitas on 3/28/2007 @ 2:48pm
I like the small one on our block but don't think anything of the scale I know you're talking about in Olympia/Lacey would even fit at an intersection like 30th and Proctor in the North End. I'd settle for a left turn arrow here and there.

by AP on 3/28/2007 @ 3:09pm
Scale. That's the issue for me with roundabouts. The 2-lane monster by Canterwood in Gig Harbor is probably necessary. I take issue with roundabouts on 2-lane roads in thick residential areas. Especially when there are parallel-parked cars all around, they seem more dangerous than anything. The new roundabout in progress at the corner of 37th & Stevens is going to be a nice addition because the intersection is enormous & rather odd-shaped.