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iPhone everywhere!

by KevinFreitas
on 6/29/2007 @ 4:43pm
Anyone in the area plan to snag one? I know my wife wants one but we'll wait out her current cell contract and let Apple work out 1st-gen bugs.

Might stop by a local AT&T store this weekend just to try one out.

by KevinFreitas on 6/30/2007 @ 1:33pm
Hey, waddaya know -- there were some folks in line at the local AT&T store to grab their very own iPhone. Here's a video.

by scout on 6/30/2007 @ 11:29pm
I'd love to get one (not the first generation however) - they seem really cool.

I'm not too techno savy but I defintely love my Mac - after I got rid of my PC I have no more down time, viruses etc. - it's been heaven.

Isn't the iPhone the first true hand held computer that you can go online with and get more than just stock quotes and emails? Is it possible because they solved the problem of overheated circuitry on such a small platform?

by scout on 6/30/2007 @ 11:38pm
Oh Yeah - here's a good review of the iPhone - (hope I did the link right)

by KevinFreitas on 7/1/2007 @ 8:21am
I've owned a couple of Palms that had wifi and did pretty darn well for getting online. Email works like a charm as does wide screen webpage browsing though, admittedly, it tries to optimize browsing for the screen. That's why Apple says the iPhone offers the "real" internet on your phone since it's a full featured browser that allows you to zoom in an out of a fully rendered page.

I agree -- no 1st-gen purchases here. Aside from the music and phone I'd only be interested in one for productivity.

by AP on 7/1/2007 @ 10:12pm
Any slick ideas for web designers regarding iphone browser testing? Besides buying one, of course..

by KevinFreitas on 7/1/2007 @ 10:34pm
Shouldn't be too much to test for since it's running Safari. That'll be an interesting one -- code for standards and all will probably be well.

by Erik on 7/2/2007 @ 10:40pm
Erik Emery picked up one and is apparently loving it.

by KevinFreitas on 7/3/2007 @ 6:49am
Yup, here's a link to his entry about it.