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Internet service provider recommendations?

by nrefadaj
on 8/20/2007 @ 10:57pm

I'm glad I found you all - we're looking forward to living in Tacoma and this site and all of your blogs have been helpful - lots going on up there.

We're moving up to the Stadium District this week from Olympia and I'm hoping that someone can give us some insight into good internet service providers up there. We've had Qwest DSL for the past few years and would like to forgo the land-line and get cable internet (but no cable tv). I'm not quite sure what the current set up in our building is, but I'd be surprised if there was no cable (tv) line already going into the apartment. Not sure what needs to happen to get cable internet regarding installation, but if there is anything I should know of, I welcome your knowledge. And we'd like to support local business - so if any providers are local and good, we'd like to hear about those especially.

I've done a bit of research but since we're new to cable internet I'm a little confused and thought I'd ask the locals. Thanks for any insight you can offer.

by Erik on 8/21/2007 @ 12:26am
Click Network.

by Jake on 8/21/2007 @ 12:58am
Usually apartment and condo buildings have a contract with either Click! or Comcast. You don't really get a choice that way but you can still work them for a good deal. If the building has comcast and you call them just mention Click! and you will get a lower rate. After 1 year your bill will go up, just call again and mention Click! and your bill should go down again.

We are lucky here, people in Seattle pay the same amount for just cable as we pay for cable and internet. They won't lower your bill there even if you mention a friend in Tacoma pays way less.

by nrefadaj on 8/21/2007 @ 5:37pm
Turns out our building is wired for Comcast and Click!, so we've got options. It looks like with the Click! network you get to choose between 3 providers: Net-Venture, HarborNet, and Advanced Stream. I suppose they're all decent and the prices are rather comparable. So I guess I'll ask if anyone has any warnings regarding these providers. Or maybe one of these is outstanding...