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Map of Neighborhoods/Business Districts?

by nrefadaj
on 9/2/2007 @ 1:22pm
We moved up here, to the Stadium District, about a week ago. I've been using Google Maps to map all of the various shops, restaurants, and sites around Tacoma that I'd like to check out at some point or another - many of which I've learned of through FeedTacoma. I'm beginning to familiarize myself with the various districts and what they have to offer - of course the best way to do this is to venture out and explore, but we're still getting our place in order and we're pretty broke from the move, so I'm exploring online during breaks from unpacking.

What I'm interested in at this point is a map of Tacoma that actually shows where each neighborhood/district is located. Sure they bleed into one another, but so far the best I've got is one intersection per business district. So, I'm gathering bits of information on the types of things each section is known for and trying to map those as best as I can. Does anyone know of an in-depth map with this type of information - nice demarcations of neighborhoods, what each is best known for, and maybe some highlights of shops, restaurants and bars, events, etc?

If no such thing exists, perhaps I'll make mine available when I'm finished with it...

by jenyum on 9/2/2007 @ 1:53pm

To my knowledge there aren't any very good maps right now. The one that gets passed around is the city's neighborhood map, which pretty much just splits the city into N, S, E, Central, etc.

Neighborhood Map

I've been thinking about creating some such thing, but then I think a lot of other people are, too. The problem I run into when I sit down and start trying to map it out is that I'm really familiar with some neighborhoods, and others I feel like I'm just winging it.

I'd love to see what you come up with.

by nrefadaj on 9/2/2007 @ 2:14pm
Yeah, I came across that map you linked to. It would be great if you could start out with a map like that, zoom in for a little more detail, zoom in again for more, and so on. I did just find Maponics where you can buy a neighborhood pdf map. Could be good but it's not dynamic and I can't spend $25 on it.

by KevinFreitas on 9/2/2007 @ 10:25pm
$25? Shoot, put 5 bloggers in a room and we could come up with something far better for free. Say, maybe we should do just that. Any takers? Google Maps is pretty easy to use these days.

by Erik on 9/2/2007 @ 10:54pm
I would certainly start at
business district map for Tacoma

Tacoma's Neighborhood Business Districts, if you've seen one - you haven't seen them all!

Visit one of Tacoma's 12 Neighborhood Business Districts for a taste of local history, for great shopping ideas, services you need, family-friendly special events, or an around-the-world tour of flavors in a whole host of restaurants. Are you looking for a ballet class, a doggy boutique, noodle soup, beading classes, or great music for all ages? Then look no further than your own backyard and enjoy one or all of Tacoma's Neighborhood Business Districts.

by nrefadaj on 9/3/2007 @ 10:31am
Hi Erik - is one of the sites from which I've been gathering information. But it seems like it may be in the works - lots of "click here" would-be links are plain text and the mapquest links ask for more info once you get there. Their small map was somewhat helpful in the very beginning, but I guess at this point I'm asking for quite a lot of detail.

by nrefadaj on 9/3/2007 @ 10:52am
Hi Kevin - That would be quite a service to Tacomans?Tacomanites? and visitors. I know that OlyBlog has a map for locations with wireless internet access that people can add to. Maybe to lighten the load for the bloggers that you're calling to action, the map could be set up so members of FeedTacoma could add a great new place they've found, or an old favorite, with a brief review.

Wow, I'm suggesting a lot. Have I gotten myself involved? Well, if I can contribute in any way, let me know. Or if I come up with anything, I'll be sure to let you know.

by nrefadaj on 9/3/2007 @ 11:25am
Actually, I'm up for mapping this all out on Google Maps since I've already got a start on it, if I could get some help.

I just need someone to give me some boundaries for each neighborhood - arggh! it deleted my example when I tried to edit something. Just try to be fairly detailed about it - I'll need the edges of the neighborhood, not the central intersection that defines it. Eventually it should all come together, even if your boundaries are not how someone else would define it. The more contributions the better.

by jenyum on 9/3/2007 @ 1:08pm
That was my experience with trying it in google maps, the boundary lines don't show up when you save it and come back.

There must be a way, but I got frustrated and quit.

by nrefadaj on 9/3/2007 @ 2:46pm
Oh, I meant that when I tried to edit my post here in the forum it deleted part of it (or I did accidentally).

Google Maps seems to save lines that I've placed just fine.