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You be the judge: pt. 1

by fredo
on 7/6/2013 @ 8:29pm
A. Tacoma should have an ongoing homeless encampment sponsored by the city  like Seattle's Nicholsville.


B. Tacoma should not have a city sponsored homeless encampment.

by panachronic on 7/6/2013 @ 9:49pm
If we want to promote, enable, subsidize, encourage, and ensure perpetual homelessness... then by all means, let's have a city-sponsored encampment.

by tacoma_1 on 7/7/2013 @ 4:16pm
I didn't know that the city was discussing a homeless encampment 

by Mofo from the Hood on 7/7/2013 @ 8:58pm
I think homeless encampment's would be the logical outworking of a government policy that advocates a pedestrian and bicycle-centric community.

As the efficient distribution of goods and services slows, due to economic immobility, I predict that the first homeless encampment in Tacoma will develop near City Hall, downtown.  

The official underlying cause and argument for encampments downtown may be attributed to a non-sustainable car-oriented/suburban mentality; compounded by the effects of poor rainwater drainage on Pacific Avenue.

In actuality, and in correlation with history, the homeless encampments will prove their viability as social and educational centers for the regressive thinkers of the New Left--mainly because the beautiful, the good, and the true citizens will have fled Tacoma and taken with them their financial and intellectual capital.  

by tacoma_1 on 7/7/2013 @ 10:49pm
Who's advocating for a homeless encampment? I don't know anyone advocating for one.  At least no one in Tacoma.  I'm comfortable if we let Seattle corner the homeless encampment market. Most of Seattle's liberals that i know are NIMBY's on this subject too. 

by JesseHillFan on 7/8/2013 @ 12:18am
I think that a city approved homeless encampment would be great if it was held outside 747 Market Street in Tacoma.

by Mofo from the Hood on 7/8/2013 @ 2:50am
Maybe it's closer to the truth to view Tacoma as a homeless encampment in progress.

Look, isn't it evident, with the out-of-control tree plantings along curbsides throughout the city, that Tacoma long-ago began the transformation into a prototypical homeless encampment? We're already in it. All of us.

The steadfast reforestation of Tacoma seems to escape observation, has passed mindful notice, because it is so excessively obvious. The seemingly irrelevant "hidden" fact-that Tacoma is one big, and getting bigger, homeless encampment-has been in plain view all the time.  

Just the other day, I was driving from South 56th and Tyler Street toward Center Street, and I saw new tree plantings-saplings-nearly 30 feet apart, on both sides of the roadway. Look around yourself. This reforestation of Tacoma is a citywide policy. Who is it for?

The inmates are running the asylum, and most people can't see the derelicts through the trees.  

by cisserosmiley on 7/8/2013 @ 9:38am
Yes, because government should never tell citizens where they can camp.

by NineInchNachos on 7/8/2013 @ 10:07am
green patches of 'urban renewal' on UW campus... all day free parking and comfort van living!

by Mofo from the Hood on 7/8/2013 @ 10:31am
Tacoma Needs Density