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Federal Way father pleads not guilty – for now

by escaping slave
on 7/10/2008 @ 1:48pm
Alberto C. Rios wanted to plead guilty Wednesday in the June death of his of 7-month-old son in a backyard fire pit. But the Federal Way man entered a plea of not guilty on the advice of his lawyers.

Rios, 38, may still plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter later, but his attorneys want more time to look at the evidence against him and to make sure he fully understands that decision, they said at a hearing in King County Superior Court in Seattle.

Michael McCullough, Rios’ lawyer, said he wanted to make sure his client entered a plea “voluntarily, knowingly and intelligently.”

Rios, who had a translator at his side during the hearing, was deported in 1994, 1996 and 2001, immigration officials have said. He has four drug convictions in the United States, including several for dealing cocaine.

Too bad the people held in ICE don't get the same due process as Alberto does. Maybe they didn't get deported three times already, and have four drug convictions against them already, and have a pending charge of killing their toddler son due to carelessness.

Kind of funny they call this "news." How does it affect me? This guy wasn't harming the public. He's just an idiot who's dragging down the system.

by NineInchNachos on 7/10/2008 @ 2:29pm
slave, I'm waiting for your post about the removal of our 4th amendment rights. or maybe you're a friend of big telecom?

by escaping slave on 7/10/2008 @ 6:43pm
NIN, those have been gone for quite some time. This is just the government now being nice enough to let us in on it.

I wonder if they are listening sometimes. I'm still here, so they obviously have bigger fish to fry.

I saw your post though regarding the latest act of the Bush administration and the "democratically" controlled congress. The fact is, republican or democratic, it's all controlled through democracy, which is mob rule. The mob has been bought out by the lobbyists and special interest groups, and no matter what party is in, the mob will always be bought out. They don't work for the people, they work for the money and power.

by fredo on 7/10/2008 @ 8:10pm
One thing's for sure. Before the Alberto Rios situation goes away the taxpayers are going to pay plenty. I'll bet his wife sues the state for not removing the child from the home. They'll take a million dollar settlement back to Mexico and build a nice oceanside hacienda so that they may grieve in comfort. The dramatization will be on the Lifetime Network starring Edward Olmos and Selma Hayek.