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Downtown Tacoma - Closed on Sunday

by ensie
on 3/25/2007 @ 7:21pm
Am I missing something? Why is it that so many downtown Tacoma businesses are closed on Sunday?

I know that once upon a time all businesses were shuttered on Sundays for church and family, but in this day and age, when one can simply fire up a computer and shop literally anywhere, shouldn't your store or restaurant be open on one of the two busiest errand days of the week? I have tried time and time again to shop downtown Tacoma when I have free time - on the weekend - only to run into closed signs in window after window of the majority of shops.

If downtown Tacoma wants to start luring shoppers away from the Tacoma Mall, both retail shops and restaurants are going to have to be open more conveniently. Several stores, such as Next to Nature, Urban Dogs, South Sound Running, and restaurants like the Harmon Brewery and the Rock (among others) have Sunday hours. They are significantly outnumbered by the places that don't.

I've worked in retail over 10 years. Sunday is the number two shopping day of the week after Saturday. The "call of the mall" only grows louder when there is no answering voice from downtown.

by Erik on 4/29/2007 @ 7:36pm
The merchants do not perceive there is a demand to stay open downtown although a few are starting to open on Sunday like Puget Sound Pizza. Paddy Coynes is soon going to be serving breakfast on Sunday. Theres a few others. Slowly and surely. (Oh yeah, Pita Pit and Matador are open Sundays as well).

by KevinFreitas on 4/30/2007 @ 6:21am
There needs to be a catalyst to get this sort of thing going and it ain't going to be the people. If there are enough attractions (a show or other event) that some businesses stay open for on a Sunday that will help cement downtown as a decent place to spend a weekend day. From there, some brave businesses will have to make the investment to stay open and draw yet more people down before many other businesses will take the plunge.