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City Council New Year's Resolutions

by fredo
on 12/30/2012 @ 7:48am
Be it resolved for 2013:

1. Name a conservative applicant to replace Jake Fey on the council.
2. Roll back the combined sales tax rate to 9.4%
3. Increase the b&o tax threshold from $250K to $1M gross sales.
4. Restructure city payroll so that staffing levels may be preserved at prices Tacoma can afford to pay.
5. Stick to business this year and lay off the social advisories.
6. Mothball the convention center until demand improves.
7. Stop spending scarce funds on bike lanes and grants to non profits.
8. Eliminate discretionary funds for department directors.
9. Cancel plans to canopy Tacoma.
10. Make AFFORDIBILITY the number 1 priority.
Hoping everyone has a safe and Happy 2013! 

by low bar on 12/30/2012 @ 7:42pm
11. Be as myopic as you can.

You do raise an interesting challenge: What to do about the convention center's lack of activity?

by low bar on 12/30/2012 @ 8:01pm
"Voters adopted a progressive council-manager form of government, and massive renovation of the city's infrastructure was implemented."

by low bar on 12/30/2012 @ 9:48pm
"I would not recommend Tacoma to anyone."

Damn. How to turn that national perception around? Implement an austere city fredoplan?

by fredo on 12/30/2012 @ 10:02pm
"How to turn that national perception around?" low bar

What "national perception" are you talking about? That was a quote from ONE individual.

How about creating a perception that Tacoma is an AFFORDABLE PLACE TO LIVE? I think that's a worthy goal. And it's a goal that's actually ACHIEVEABLE.

Trying to turn Tacoma into Seattle or Portland or San FRancisco, that's an UNACHIEVEABLE goal. 

by low bar on 12/30/2012 @ 10:15pm
I don't know if it's about making Tacoma AFFORDABLE.

I think it's about making Tacoma beautiful, and if not beautiful, then hip at least. An industrial city can become a tech city.

Why on earth would business want to come to some place just because its cheap, but there is no business?

I don't think you have the slightest understanding of what attracts young singles and young couples and hip business to an area. Its not the AFFORDABILITY. It's the ABILITY to do business.

I think your reactions are to what is, not what can be, economically.

You have short term vision. You have no idea how to get business here, you are just trying to increase the survivability of what business is left.

If the city can't spend on the city, what message does that send to business? LOL

by low bar on 12/30/2012 @ 10:23pm
"That was a quote from ONE individual."

See there you are revealing the length of your vision. Its not that one person said something poo poo about Tacoma, its that not more individuals were saying something good about Tacoma.

Look at the absence of the buzz word Tacoma in that 28 page thread. THATS what should have dawned on you.

by fredo on 12/31/2012 @ 7:14am
I provided some concrete measurable resolutions that the council could enact in short order which would address some city problems.

You didn't provide any potential resolutions. You just provided a rambling narrative about the city not being "hip." That's not the councils job.

To your point: If the council lowered tax rates as I have suggested and made other changes to make Tacoma more affordable then HIP people could afford to move here, HIP people could more easily vacation here, HIP people could afford to work their HIP mojo here, and potential employers would see that lot's of HIP people were beginning to take an interest in an affordable place called Tacoma.

by cisserosmiley on 12/31/2012 @ 10:29am
For hip people to vacation here the Murano would have to have marijuana room service & a vintage double decker bus that shuttled people to LeMay. City Council priority 11) **see above

by JesseHillFan on 12/31/2012 @ 12:46pm
I disagree with bike lanes as they are not safe.However eventually by the mid 21st century all lanes will be bike lanes.

by low bar on 12/31/2012 @ 1:09pm
Fredo isn't getting the point. You can make a place as affordable for business as you want. Assuming to get business to come here or stay here. 

But if the people don't come here and stay here to give business "business", then guess what?

Why is that SO tough for fredo to wrap his head around? HAHAHAHA

Case in point. Hell's Kitchen. Opens up on Pac ave, closes down on Pac ave. Why? NO FUCKING CUSTOMERS.

Now that may be due to just the recession and a lack of a large metal head customer base, and overall tired formula.

But formula is free. You can come up with a winning formula for Tacoma for free. Just make sure it's winning.

And I don't see anything winning about some austere bullshit council resolutions that leave out spending on the city.

Why would business want to come here if the city isn't spending to make Tacoma a place where business would want to come to. Riddle me that LOL

by Jesse on 12/31/2012 @ 1:22pm
My take on fredo's list for 2013:
1.  Name a progressive business owning/running or a progressive developer to replace Jake Fey.  Someone who is very business savvy and successful. 2.  Roll back the combined tax rate to 9.4% and make up the difference with car tab taxes.3.  Eliminate the B&O tax altogether by charging businesses a fee per parking spot built at grade level which is not streetside parking. That would raise revenue annd get things built on surface level lots and discourage sprawl4.  Negotiate with the police and fire unions to allow lower staffing levels and increase service.  Rumor is that there are a large number of cops in an office to support each one on the street.  That is wrong.  Cut red tape for them, negotiate with the uunions, and let some go to save money.5.  Stop contributing any money whatsoever to any non-profit entity.6.  Sell the convention Center to Westfield Malls so they can use  that superblock for a downtown mall.  Use proceeds to revamp thhe Tacoma Dome for conventions and allow the private sector to have conventions.7.  Assign the BIA the task of creating LID improvement districts in  the downtown grid and getting them off the ground.8.  Eliminate many middle manager positions.  Make the big shotts at city hall take accountability for the actions of their minionns instead of having a middle manager level to "take the heat."9.  Increase plans to canopy Tacoma.  Dig out planter strips along South Tacoma Way /Pacific Avenue/ and the major streets in town to plant trees and low growning shruubs that choke out other weeds.  Include things like maintennance by mass farms sustained by non-profits for food, and city owned heard goats to eat up the grasses in places like along the I-5 freewway and at I-705/I-5 interchange.10.  Make affordability the #1 priority for people wanting to live in  the downtown grid.  That being, streetcar systems allow people to not have to own a car.  Pay for streetcar with the parking stall tax stated above and with user fees.

And MY additions:11. Restripe downtown streets to eliminate most turn lanes and use that space to create angle parking.12. Disallow and building permits for the mall area.  Work with Simon or Westfield to get a new mall downtown and maybe a new one out further into the burbs.13. Have the art department create a Saturday Market in downtown Tacoma outside of the new McMenamins.   Grafitti garages and the parking south of Elks would be a great spot for a weekend food and art style saturday market each weekend.   SSponsored by McMenamins and other area businesses.14. Relook at the charter for a strong Mayor form of gov't.15. Inccrease Spaceworks use.16. HHave the city council members double their efforts by basicallly being the builder of committees of volunteers to do much worrk.  TThey should be the leaders of committees who actuallyy do things and not the aactual doers of things themselves.

by cisserosmiley on 12/31/2012 @ 1:43pm
My top 10 priorities for the council:1) appoint Patricia Lacy-Davis  2) build parking garage @ Proctor 3) incentivize building single family homes 4) add a tax on parking spaces 5) more parks 6) stop downtown landlord welfare 7) Tacoma-to-Seattle ferry 8) politely ask "the traveller" to move to Tucson 9) convert to strong mayor system & draft Mark Lindquist 10) dis incorporate the east side and parts of the south end

by fredo on 12/31/2012 @ 5:06pm

Many interesting ideas. This is great.

by Jesse on 12/31/2012 @ 5:53pm
I like the idea of drafting Mark Lindquist as Mayor.  He's pretty bad-ass.

Perhaps the person who replaces Jake Fey shouldn't be anyone who applied, but rather, the council could get together and decide who they want.  Use a nominating committee process to choose who they need and ask them to fill the position.  I personally think there isn't a single strong enough candidate out of the "Tacoma Seven" for city council. Raise the bar!

by NineInchNachos on 1/1/2013 @ 10:24am
use the list html tool buttons folks!

by NineInchNachos on 1/1/2013 @ 10:27am
  • allow monster truck shows in the Tacoma Mall/Convention Center

by cisserosmiley on 1/1/2013 @ 11:21am
  • Free numbering makes me feel good
  • These types of lists don't 
  • I'll do it this way to make others happy

by low bar on 1/2/2013 @ 12:59am
"Sell the convention Center to Westfield Malls so they can use  that superblock for a downtown mall."

Now you are talking. And put in a Cinerama Theater. We need to gimmick the f*** out of Tacoma. But smart large scale gimmicks that create jobs at the same time as allure.

I hate that stupid car museum. But the buidling is intriguing. How long till they go out of business? Can't be too much longer. But what to do with it after that? I say Puyallup Tribe museum.

What would it take to bring back the NBA to western WA? Is there a semi pro basket ball team in Tacoma that can go pro and call the Tacoma dome home court? Their brand better be outstanding.

I see the Tacoma Navigators. Navigators? WTF? Not only is that word hard to spell it doesn't roll off the tongue much easier.

Tacoma Tribals. There's your future NBA team.

by KevinFreitas on 1/2/2013 @ 7:06am
"I personally think there isn't a single strong enough candidate out of the 'Tacoma Seven' for city council." @Jesse

I couldn't agree more and am completely with you on a list of nominees put forth by the City Council, Mayor, and Citizens. Does the council have a "none of the above" option?

by cisserosmiley on 1/2/2013 @ 7:20am
The fix is is ...or.... this is how politics works, either way PLD has supported Fey tirelessly in recent campaigns and now city council remainders will include his input - something like, "good luck with your legislative priorities Tacoma council, have you met my friend Patty?"

by NineInchNachos on 1/2/2013 @ 7:46am
district 2 is such a weird district... mostly covering the tide flats.  who lives out there anyway?  Kalakaka !

by NineInchNachos on 1/2/2013 @ 7:47am
Tacoma Netscape Navigators !

by NineInchNachos on 1/2/2013 @ 7:47am
hey kevin howcome there is no numbered list option ?

by cisserosmiley on 1/2/2013 @ 7:56am
I like district 2. Our friends live there & it seems nice, but we got told not to go to this one corner store because it was gang turf for some federal way/Decatur gang babies. Can Mark Lindquist be appointed?

by Jesse on 1/2/2013 @ 11:52am
For 2013, any word on the state of the Elks on Broadway project?  Rumor was that the construction dudes were supposed to start showing up TODAY.

by NineInchNachos on 1/2/2013 @ 12:03pm
fingers crossed!

by cisserosmiley on 1/2/2013 @ 9:15pm
...speaking of Mark Lindquist, I was out to eat w/jessicasmeall & there's ML @ the next table. I did not ask him to be mayor, maybe next time.

by NineInchNachos on 1/3/2013 @ 7:36am
do it!  or pay the wait staff to do it.