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Sunday Brunch at the Lobster Shop

by KevinFreitas
on 12/9/2007 @ 10:40pm
A couple of friends arranged a reservation for all of us to have Sunday brunch today at the Lobster shop. We had a great table by the window and were able to watch snow flurries dot the sky. When I headed up for the buffet I immediately headed for the omelette station. A couple guys took my order for ingredients (cheese, tomato, and bacon, thank you very much) then cooked it up. It tasted great but I was probably more impressed by him flipping the thing in the pan. There was salmon that I didn't try but looked wonderful along with some great pastries and waffles. Thought not normally my morning style, I even had a bloody mary and it was tasty with just the right spicy kick. More than anything, it was a really nice, relaxing way to start a Sunday especially with great conversation from great friends.