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Mary's with more hours

by KevinFreitas
on 11/6/2007 @ 9:01am
Mary's Burger Bistro is now open from 7am to 7pm! Don't know which days of the week this includes judging by the printed sign in their window but my guess would be weekdays. That's good stuff 'cause now we can stop by for a bite on our way home from work.

by ensie on 11/6/2007 @ 10:33am
This is awesome. One more place to put on the dinner rotation!

by KevinFreitas on 11/6/2007 @ 10:40am
Seriously. Now we can get our bacon burgers with ranch for dipping for any meal! My heart will thank me. ;)

by ensie on 11/6/2007 @ 5:21pm
Mmmm...fry sauce.

by Erik on 11/7/2007 @ 2:00am
Nice. They were closing far too early before.

Just think: people in that area of town after 3:00 p.m.

by Angela on 11/7/2007 @ 9:01am
Yea! Now Steve and I will finally be able to give this place a try. There was more than once we thought to get something for dinner there but, alas, they were closed!