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hello, cupcake info

by KevinFreitas
on 8/28/2007 @ 10:50am
Spew's reporting and I can confirm from emails with the owner that hello, cupcake is opening up downtown this week. Thursday is a soft opening followed by a grand opening Friday and Saturday.

More details to follow but feel free to share plans for stopping by (dare I say "meet-up"?) or your first-taste impressions.

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by KevinFreitas on 8/28/2007 @ 11:23am
Here's some hours info:

"We will say our hours are 10am - 6pm Monday through Thursday and 10am - 7pm Friday and Saturday. We will use these hours starting Thursday but if we find it would be beneficial to stay open later any of these first few days we will. We are going to have to feel it out and find our firm hours. But you can post the ones above and we will just change them later on down the road if necessary."

by ensie on 8/28/2007 @ 11:54am
I am so there on Thursday (and Friday, and possibly Saturday) Not sure what time, but definitely there!

by NineInchNachos on 8/28/2007 @ 12:15pm
Must support a fellow cupcake entrepreneur... should probably 'put money in the bank' with them by doing a pro-hello cupcake tacomic.

by Angela on 8/28/2007 @ 12:23pm
Is the public at large welcome on Thursday? Soft openings are usually invitation only held for family, friends, supporters, etc as preparation for opening to the public. I would hate to be standing on the sidewalk drooling and not able to get in!

by Erik on 8/28/2007 @ 3:33pm
I just received this :

grand opening!

we delightedly announce the grand opening of

friday 8.31.07 to saturday 9.1.07!

we invite you to come celebrate with us and enjoy our
fresh baked cupcakes.

please visit our website for location, flavors, and store hours.

by Angela on 8/28/2007 @ 4:28pm
Thanks, Erik! I checked the website and there's no information on hours yet so I'll go by those Kevin listed above and plan on being there when the doors open Friday.

I am so excited! I'm sure Kevin is relieved they're opening so he can quit hearing me whine about "when are they gonna oppennnn?".

Now I just have to figure out what excuse I'm going to use for coming in late to work...