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Blogger Flash Mob Founder Kevin Freitas

by Erik
on 8/24/2007 @ 8:56pm
Well, Kevin has been showcasing new restaurants and events throughout Tacoma now for a couple of years. First he just published photos of the event, an online photographer of sorts. How nice: photos of a ribbon cutting.

He next progressed into "meet ups." All fine and good. A group of people gathering for an event with friendly chit chat at an opening of a restaurant or other event.

Phase Three:

The event for Mary Burger Bistro crossed the line into a full scale "Blogger Flash Mob." I went there today and they are still talking about it.

"At lunch the place was nuts! We filled the place up with friendly faces. Let me see if I can list everyone I know and/or met who was there. From our office: Brian, Ken, Dave, Mike, Anna, Joe, Michael, Sarah and I. Fellow bloggers ensie, Frinklin, jenyum, tacomachickadee, and Niki from GritCity. Likewise from the local media were Joseph and Mindy from the News Tribune, briefly Steve from the Weekly Volcano, and Todd from the Daily Index."

From Wiki

Ok Kevin. What's your next "blogger flash mob" target? In internets await.

(We must be getting close to the opening of Hello Cupcake.)

by ensie on 8/24/2007 @ 9:52pm
Technically it started with The Red Hot (and I kicked that one off...) but Mary's was where it erupted into a full-on event.

by Erik on 8/24/2007 @ 10:08pm
Thanks Ensie. I had thought The Red Hot was sort of a "meet up." Either way, thanks.

by intacoma on 8/27/2007 @ 10:21am
next step, sleeper cells

by KevinFreitas on 8/27/2007 @ 10:38am
Meet up, flash mob, get together -- whatever. I enjoy getting out in town and think sharing that enthusiasm with whomever wants to join in is fantastic. Helps me step out of my comfortable little shell a bit which I like. Not everyone will always join in with every outing but that's the best part of forums and the web. Anyone can post anything and if people are interested they'll make a point to take part. Websites like FeedTacoma help draw like-minded people together whatever their interests or tendencies. That's where I see the power of all this. Besides, getting together for anything food-related is a pretty easy one for many folks to latch onto and get involved with.

by NineInchNachos on 8/27/2007 @ 10:44pm
to bad this flash mob mechanism wasn't in place for my art show. Well I suppose the only thing missing was the label 'flash mob'

by Erik on 8/28/2007 @ 12:58am
"to bad this flash mob mechanism wasn't in place for my art show."

It was.

By the way, I peeked into "Hello-Cupcake" today. I swear there were a ton of cupcakes there. I bet they will open Tuesday or Wednesday.

by Erik on 8/28/2007 @ 1:10pm
Next suggested flash mob target:

hello, cupcake, the much anticipated cupcake shop between BKB & Company gallery and South Sound Running in downtown Tacoma will have a pre-opening event Thursday, Aug. 30 followed by a grand opening celebration this weekend.

by jenyum on 8/28/2007 @ 2:18pm
We're bringing a very small mob to Opa! tomorrow night, if anyone else is interested. Here's their menu, phone number is (253) 565-0505, reservations, though less "flash mob"-ish, are recommended.

by AP on 8/28/2007 @ 5:02pm
Next week, we're flash mobbing Tight Cuts. Who's with me??

by ensie on 8/29/2007 @ 12:11am
Can we toss the phrase "flash mob"? For some reason people have started tossing this phrase around and it's really not what's going on. Kevin did a lot of prep work before the meet-up at Mary's and Jen has made reservations for us to hit up Opa! tomorrow night. These events are hardly "flash mobs". It's grating on my nerves.

by KevinFreitas on 8/29/2007 @ 7:30am
Meet-ups and/or get togethers works just fine for me.

From wikipedia:

A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse.

News media and commentators have often misused the term "flash mob" to refer to nearly any form of public gathering.

I couldn't agree more.

by AP on 8/29/2007 @ 9:36am
Can't we still use "the phrase" in the context of Tight Cuts? I enquire again, who's with me?

by KevinFreitas on 8/29/2007 @ 9:41am
Would I had I enough hair to cut. :( Maybe when/if I decide to go cue ball bald I'll head over there. Do they do straight razor shaves that would apply?

by izenmania on 8/29/2007 @ 2:14pm
No haircuts for me. I've gotta balance the office to make up for Kevin.

by ensie on 8/29/2007 @ 4:46pm
Dude, I'm into chicks, and that place gives me the heebie-jeebies.

by AP on 8/29/2007 @ 4:52pm
All correct answers. Just testing you guys.

by izenmania on 8/29/2007 @ 4:57pm
Suuuuuure you were.

by Erik on 8/29/2007 @ 8:05pm
The term "flash mob" was introduced by another blog. The definition does not really fit restaurant opening "meet ups" at all. Real "flash mobs" are pretty meaningless.

However, it is a well know term and a useful shorthand. The term alone is entertaining and jestful.

Inexplicable mobs, or flash mobs, as they've also been dubbed, have become the social trend of the summer. Echoing back to '60s-era "happenings" or '70s-era Situationist art projects — except shorter and with even less purpose — these pseudo-spontaneous gatherings began in June in New York City, and spread quickly across America before making their way to Europe (Rome, to be precise) on July 24.

The mobs were the idea of Bill, a twenty-something New Yorker who says only that he works in the "culture industry." Bill doesn't want to be identified because he thinks that would detract from the mob's appeal. Interested in the social reasons people go to see performing arts, he began to ruminate on what would happen if the performance were taken out of the equation. So he invited the 50 people on his e-mail

15 minutes of fame
18:30 Summoned by digital messages, the mob gathers...
18:40 At the appointed time, the Mobsters disperse ...
18:45 �Only to regroup at the nearest pub
list to join "Mob, the project that creates an inexplicable mob of people in New York City for 10 minutes or less."

by ensie on 8/29/2007 @ 8:56pm
Still, the term is working my last nerve at this point. I'm just sayin'.

by AP on 8/30/2007 @ 9:49am
ensie, I'm leaving the vernacular up to you on this one... I'm only here to identify that there is perhaps another sub-phenomenon in the making.. Based on the crowd at Mary's last week and Opa! last night, I opine that there are anonymous followers to these, uh, gatherings. We know that far more people read these than post on them, so maybe you had some voyeurs in the corner of the restaurant who came primarily to observe the, uh, gathering of blog folk? What to call these shy followers? I pass the conche to ensie.....................

by ensie on 8/30/2007 @ 9:19pm
AP, do you blog and I just haven't realized it? Or are you trying to send us subtle hints that you need to be invited along on one of our outings? I swear we don't bite! And non-bloggers are always welcome as well.

I'm still working on a good name for the observers...

by AP on 8/31/2007 @ 10:06am
Oh I've been around for ages. Lurking in the shadows. A lot like RR but way different, ya know?

I feel as though I've been invited with the rest of everyone to all sorts of events! My attendance has been made impossible by a combination of scheduling conflicts (most common) and disinterest (foosball, et al), depending on the event.

We'll cross paths someday, I'm certain.

by KevinFreitas on 8/31/2007 @ 10:37am
Oh! Took a swing at the foos! They do have air hockey and pool over there at Meconi's as well. That reminds me, we haven't been there on Fridays for a while. Might have to reprise that activity next week.

Hope to see/meet you sometime soon AP!

by AP on 8/31/2007 @ 1:32pm
To clarify, I did not mean to take a swing at the foos. In truth, it is intriguing to me how good people are at this game. I'm horrible (even if you let me spin the bars) and thus did not find this to be a suitable activity for my inaugural visit. Air hockey and pool... now you're talking!

by izenmania on 8/31/2007 @ 4:41pm
Hmm... it's feed>>tacoma... and all these meet-ups involve eating... surely there's something there. Feed>>ups?

"What are you up to tonight?"

"I'm getting fed>>up!"


by ensie on 8/31/2007 @ 4:55pm
Oooh - good one!

by AP on 9/1/2007 @ 3:39pm
So Feed>>Up and Pool>>Down at Meconi's on Friday 9/7?