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Rojecki's "new approach"

by fredo
on 10/23/2009 @ 7:50am
Keven Rojecki's political mailings claim he has a "new approach for old problems". I've read all the mailings and studied his web site yet...couldn't find out anything about this "new approach." For example, he claims he's going to create NEW, family wage jobs. More experienced council members have claimed they would do this and failed. What's Keven's new approach?

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/23/2009 @ 8:38am
Raise taxes on people with jobs, businesses and such to 90%. Then send every unemployed person $4,000 a month.

by izenmania on 10/23/2009 @ 1:56pm
Hire all the unemployed people as tax "collectors". Provide baseball bats.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/23/2009 @ 2:08pm
Get some M-16s and Jackboots. Give them to the unemployed without skills. Tell them to use these tools to force, err I mean "hire" the unemployed with skills to build a 500-ft tall bronze statue of Rojecki. Then hire the prettiest unemployed young women to wear togas and throw about rose petals at the feet of the statue.

by Keven Rojecki on 10/27/2009 @ 10:02pm
I do read these every so often and appreciate the questions. Obviously, my time is dedicated to winning an election, but wanted to make a few comments on this post.

First, increased taxes are not the answer. Some say don't do it during this economy, while I subscribe to the notion that we exhaust every effort to streamline and eliminate expenses that do not meet the desired goals before we ever look toward new sources - after all, we pay a significant amount of taxes already. We have waste and expenditures that do not meet our basic responsibilities while at the same time our basic infrastructure is crumbling around us. We need to reprioritize expenses.

With creating jobs, we need to work with the business community to help spur sustainable growth. Having met with so many small and large business executives, it seems clear to me that the City Council isn't listening to their needs. We need to seriously create a plan for economic development, find solutions which include removing our dependance on B&O tax, and invest capitol to clean up downtown and many of our business districts.

Those will not entirely create jobs, but city leaders need to show with actions that they are serious about helping businesses locate in Tacoma and that we are working with them to make the environment better. Jobs are created with capitol investment with public/private partnerships like the Elks deal and a committment from our State to make capital expenditures that do the above. I have the support of major political leaders in Olympia and that is one area that sets me apart from other candidates.

In the early 90's we had strong political leaders in Olympia that brought us major capital investment, UW Tacoma for example, and we need strong leaders that have the understanding to bring those things back to Tacoma. Once we jump start the investment and create the environment for business to be in town, it will begin to fall into place one by one. At this point, we have major business leaders wondering if any at City Hall get it.

I realize turning this around will be difficult, but have also had success in the most partisan of politics. We need leaders to stop complaining about the problems and lead us past them to bring solutions. Tooting your own horn is not taking leadership and working for the people.

I work hard to respond to my campaign emails and feel free to contact me keven at rojecki for tacoma dot com.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/27/2009 @ 10:25pm
@ Keven Rojecki...
you do know I'm kidding about the taxes and jackboots, right? I'm like that: weird to the last drop. Now if you did happen to have jackboots in mind, then we'd need to have a serious talk.


I for sure like your history as a workin' class guy, and the community service aspect of firefighting is awesome.
But support from Olympia isn't (for me at least) isn't a deal breaker. Those clowns are about as incompotent as the current city council. Granted, they have done some good things in the past, but as with all investments, "past performance does not guarantee future results".

Quite honestly, these days the attitude in Olympia is "The State of Washington is comprised of Olympia and Seattle. Everywhere else there are dragons... and legend tells of something called 'Spokane'."
I mean, it's been like that as long as I can remember, but it's getting worse by the day.

Remember like a year or so ago when ST was crying voting for them? I seem to remember Gregoire, Norm Dicks and Parry Murray or Maria Cantwell (can't remember which one, they're pretty much the same person anyway) said they "totally had all this federal money" and that "they can totally build that Link from SeaTac to Tacoma". What happened to that? It's like it never happened. But hey, if it was for new manhole covers in Ballard, by god it would have been done already.

Ok, apologies on the tangent. I do that as well.

What I really want to know, Mr Rojecki, is how exactly you intend to not only jump start investment, but to also get business growth (and thus jobs).

I ask this as I see Russell leaving, Brown & Haley being charmed by Nevada, the Midtown Lofts sitting 70% complete and abandoned, every other storefront downtown empty, empty lots where history used to be, dilly-dallying by the Council on LeMay and the Foss Hotel, lots of potholes, and gaping holes all over downtown & Hilltop where buildings ought to be. What is your plan, Mr Rojecki?

I'd not like to hear buzzwords like "sustainable" or "green economy" unless you actually have a plan. For example, we'll put in major tax incentives and woo the pants off of wind turbine manufacturers to set up shop here. That I will accept. But without something meaningful to back it up, buzzwords are little more than hot air.

I don't need to tell you about the greater economic issues we all face, nor most of the banks being insolvent and refusing to lend. That's already known. I just want to know how you'll get investment here with such an f-ed up situation already going on.

I don't know how often you check FT, so I'll email this to you as well.

by fredo on 10/28/2009 @ 6:30am
Keven, thanks for responding to the discussion.

I still wasn't able to determine what your "new approach" is. Most of the things you mentioned are being tried now, or have been tried in the past. And what about the "family wage jobs?" How can we create all these public/private partnerships when the government at all levels is essentially broke?

You state that "we have waste and expenditures that do not meet our basic responsibilities." Would you provide some noteworthy examples?

You further state that we need to "reprioritize expenses."Would you be willing to lower the pay and benefits for city workers if it could be shown that the savings could be used in a way that would benefit the taxpayers more, i.e. repairing infrastructural problems etc?

Good luck and thanks again for your participation.