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Rojecki vs. Woodards...a voters dilemma

by fredo
on 11/1/2009 @ 11:45am
If you're like me the contest between Keven Rojecki and Victoria Woodards for the council-at-large seat No. 6 is the toughest decision on the ballot.

Both candidates are liberal and have campaign chests stuffed with labor union money. Both are government insiders. Their positions are virtually indistinguishable. Woodards stresses her local ties, Rojecki stresses his ties to Governor Gregoire and Olympia. Interestingly, neither candidate has a college degree.

Any thoughts?

by L.S.Erhardt on 11/1/2009 @ 11:56am
As you'll all remember, I asked Rojecki some questions here. Well, I also emailed him the same rambling questions. Mr Rojecki was conscientious enough to reply, and I just the other day received the response from him. I post it here for you to read and to consider when marking your ballot:

Your question doesn't deserve a simple answer, but let me start by saying a few things I have heard firsthand from some of our top business leaders in town. Leadership on the City Council fails to understand the issues, why
aren't they working to create a plan for economic development, do they really want to have us all park in the Dome District and commute by Link to more obvious issues like provide safer streets for our employees and get
those damn planter boxes off the sidewalks. Some may seem silly, but perception by many is that the leadership of our city don't get it - real or not - this creates lack of confidence to help resolve the real issues.

I have not developed or created a plan with sound bites, but what appears to be simple solutions to some may seem unreachable by others. I am one to believe that our greatest challenge is the lack of vision and leadership
from our elected leaders that are compounded by the failure to understand the needs of business. I will not pretend to be a businessman; however, many of their concerns can be resolved with strong leadership, a plan that shares a common vision, and execution of the shared goals. Problem is, we need a plan. This would be one the first things that must be done in partnership with the private sector and non-profit leaders.

An issue that I can help with immediately is the connection to Olympia to help bring capital dollars back to Tacoma. It was leaders in Olympia that brought us UW Tacoma, History Museum and many other projects that began a
cleanup of downtown in late 80's and early 90's. The state budget is hurting, but capital is treated differently and will still be available. I have personal and professional relationships with our States highest and most powerful leaders, an issue we as a city government are seriously
deficient. We need their help and partnership to invest in small and large projects that promote the development model for the future.

We must address the B&O tax that makes us less competitive. I want to explore reinvestment of those revenues so that a portion of them are used within a corridor to rebuild infrastructure and provide the opportunity for capital improvements. We could begin with small investments by making downtown beautiful and charming and work readdress those policies that are
helping create the sense of vacancy downtown.

We need to think outside of our comfort zone and seriously develop a plan to address taxes, investment in infrastructure and create partnerships that implement a plan. We don't need to hire tons of consultants to tell us many of the things business leaders have told me; make it safer, make it cleaner and nicer, help us bring businesses to Tacoma by creating a plan for development.

I have tons of thoughts and have listened to so many people who have an interest in our success and know we can get to that point when the hard work pays off. In the future, it may be easier to call as this last week I have
not been able to type many emails. Feel free to call if you want more information - cell is (206) 799-0431.

Thank you for your email.

Keven Rojecki