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Tacoma Weekly Best of Tacoma results are in...and the winners are

by fredo
on 4/3/2008 @ 10:14pm
and the winners are...the companies who advertise in Tacoma Weekly. No need to look for any hanging chads in this election, the results were practically predetermined.

by Erik on 4/3/2008 @ 11:48pm
An interesting theory Fredo.

However, there seem to be a number of counter examples to your conclusion.

by KevinFreitas on 4/4/2008 @ 6:29am
Such as...?

by beerandhotdogs on 4/4/2008 @ 7:36am
Counter Example #1: We were in the Best Of for the Weekly, and never placed an ad with them.

by fredo on 4/6/2008 @ 10:21am
You probably have an exceptional business. The high correllation between advertisers and wieners (oops, I mean winners) cannot be coincidental. By the way, what category did you win for...Best Restaurant Serving Beer & Hotdogs?

by fredo on 4/6/2008 @ 2:55pm
I've just checked the reader's choice poll and was surprised to find out that no business named Beer & Hotdogs won anything so I'm not sure what position the counter example is in support of. Sorry, you're not a winner.

by justagirl on 4/6/2008 @ 4:10pm
Fredo: You're kidding, right?

I believe beer and hot dogs can be found at the Red Hot. Same with beerandhotdogs.

Also, if you're looking at advertisers in the issue that the "best of" list went out in, it's pretty common for a large percentage of winners to advertise in the "winner" edition. If you actually want to see if there's a correlation, I'd look back a few months. I'm guessing you'll notice a much lower percentage.

And if per chance there IS a higher correlation than I'm guessing there is, perhaps the results just show that Tacoma Weekly readers actually see the ads in the paper and frequent those businesses. Gasp.

And even if the TW folks ignored all the reader votes and decided to go it on their own ... really, so what?

by Jim @ PSP on 4/6/2008 @ 4:41pm
I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

We'd never placed an ad with Tacoma Weekly, but we did to thank the readers who voted for us. We just thought it was the right thing to do to thank the peeps for their vote.

justagirl: you so smart.

Chris@TRH: After this ... I gotta think a Godfather 2 movie night at The Red Hot is in order? c,mon, man you got the big screen...

by fredo on 4/6/2008 @ 4:43pm
"So what?" The public is entitled to marketing representations which are free of deception. The "Best of Tacoma" contest results are routinely used by local businesses to distinguish themselves from their competitors. To the extent that consumers are misled the deception pays dividends.

How does the deception take place? Simple. The ballots are only available from businesses who advertise in the paper. This methodology is not disclosed by the publisher.

Regarding the Red Hot (which incidentally is a fine restaurant); they are an award winner, and an advertiser. I am still waiting for someone to post an example of a winner who is not an advertiser. I'll check back later to see the listing of such businesses. Right now I'm headed off to the Emerald Queen Casino, which according to the large display ad in the TW is Tacoma's favorite place to play!

by justagirl on 4/6/2008 @ 5:23pm
Not to say that on-site ballots don't swing things, but so do people calling all their friends and saying "vote early vote often!" And, um, I'm pretty sure I filled out my ballot online. I'm also going to guess that the ballot was available in the paper itself.

It's a reader survey; it doesn't have to be everywhere.

It's not meant to be scientific.

It's a slice of life. Something fun to read and it gets some local biz peeps some exposure. And so I'll say it again, "So what?" in the vein of "I don't see the harm."

It's not the end-all-be-all of marketing. It gets some biz peeps a bit of exposure in large part because it's a paper-promoted special section ... and it makes me say "that's cool" when I'm in a business and see a Weekly, Volcano, Business Examiner, TNT or other award.

I doubt, for example, that Coffee Shop A goes under just because Coffee Shop C gets a "Best Of" award from one pub or the other. It might get some folks to try a new place, or remind them that Coffee Shop C exists if they haven't been there in awhile, but if Coffee Shop C actually sucks, no award in the world will fix that.

Shh ... don't tell anyone ... I frequent many businesses that have never won any "Best Of" award ... (ok, and some that have ...)

by ensie on 4/6/2008 @ 5:25pm

Honestly? This is what's really bothering you? The "deceptive" balloting system for Tacoma Weekly's "Best of Business" contest?? Why not just congratulate the winners (several of whom are Feed Tacoma readers) and get on with life?

You're entitled to your opinion, but I've watched you bitch, moan, complain, and generally make mountains out of molehills time after time. I've thought about arguing, but obviously there isn't any point. You've got your mind made up already.

Is your plan to continue to clutter up every discussion board with silly complaints about random issues forever, or are you going to start a blog as to focus your thoughts in one area?

It's not up to me where you post your whining, but seeing it every. single. day. is getting old.

by justagirl on 4/6/2008 @ 5:47pm
And I think to compare election fraud to a "Best Of" annual local newspaper contest is ... well ... it's a pretty big stretch.

by izenmania on 4/6/2008 @ 7:40pm
Regarding the Red Hot (which incidentally is a fine restaurant); they are an award winner, and an advertiser. I am still waiting for someone to post an example of a winner who is not an advertiser.

So the part where the owner of The Red Hot just told you that he did not advertise with them didn't really sink in, then?

by justagirl on 4/6/2008 @ 8:18pm
izenmania: Si si ... also the fact that PSP didn't advertise until they'd already won. Kinda throws his argument ...

by fredo on 4/7/2008 @ 11:48am
Thanks for finding 2 counter examples. Upon reflection, I should have stated that the contest winners and the advertisers "tend" to be the same. Had I been more cynical I would have suggested that the poll was just an advertisement disguised as news.

As I mentioned in a previous posting I support the local businesses cited in the discussion and wish them only the best of luck. Red Hot is my choice for hot dogs and Puget Sound Pizza is my choice for pizza!