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Tacoma Musicians: Looking For Input

by izenmania
on 1/30/2008 @ 4:24pm
So I was thinking a couple weeks ago about all my music projects, and how what I really needed was a section of where I could easily organize information, song downloads and pictures for each. And then I thought... heck, as long as I'm building something to organize my own stuff by band, why not provide it as a general resource?

There are already things like imeem and MySpace and whatnot, but I'm looking for this to be a Tacoma-specific thing, in hopes of bringing out a bit more of the local scene. With this in mind I snatched the conveniently available and started thinking.

What I'm looking for is a feature wishlist. What do musicians, venues, listeners, promoters, etc. want to see in a resource like this?

Here's what I've got in my head so far:

* A user can create multiple pages. For example, I could have one site for Mr. Fusion, one for This Shirt Is Pants, one for my solo stuff, all administered through a single account.
* Once a band page is created, the creator can allow other users to administer it. So I can make the Mr. Fusion page, then Erich can sign up for an account and get permission to edit the Mr. Fusion page himself
* Not just band accounts... venue accounts will also be available. I may try to formalize this process, in order to make sure that someone creating a venue account is actually a representative from the venue itself.
* Event Calendar: this will be a generalized system which will have a main view, plus filters for specific band, poster, venue, etc.
* Bands can post songs, organized by album, with album images, videos, lyrics, general information, whatever.
* Recent activity notices on the home page, showing recently posted shows, recently posted tracks, etc.
* General discussion board for band reviews, venue reviews, member searches, gear classifieds, etc.
* Profiles also available for other music resources... local recording studios, practice spaces, whatever.

Obviously a lot of this will be staged out, development-wise, but any and all ideas are welcome, whether you want to post to it or just be able to go there and learn more about the scene.