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No City Arts Fest for Tacoma

by dolly varden
on 10/18/2010 @ 1:02pm
City Arts magazine is putting on a big indie music festival, which is a good thing to do. Problem is, all the shows are in Seattle.

City Arts, which puts out a Tacoma magazine as well as magazines in Seattle and the 425, claims to be about promoting art and music all around Puget Sound -- not just Seattle, where many people won't even notice another festival with bands that would have come to Seattle anyway. Why not include some Tacoma venues? Why not take advantage of perfectly serviceable venues like the New Frontier, the Rialto, the Pantages, the Den, and even the (OK, repainted by not necessarily perfectly serviceable) Java Jive? The local Squeak and Squawk festival has shown there's a market for indie festivals here.

Maybe Tacoma can be included in 2011 if we make a big enough fuss.

by NineInchNachos on 10/18/2010 @ 1:19pm
City Arts is an intellectual and moral fraud of a magazine. Might as well stare at a 'free apartment guide'

by The Jinxmedic on 10/18/2010 @ 1:23pm
If you stare at "Free apartment guide" long enough, secret messages emerge in living 3D. I haven't tried that with "City Arts" yet.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/18/2010 @ 1:42pm
Or better yet, we get the Heart-253 festival next year to upstage them.

by ixia on 10/18/2010 @ 5:03pm
hmm. I think it's time to have a look at that apartment guide. ..