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Excluded from 3rd-thurs artwalk

by jacksonscott
on 12/20/2007 @ 6:46pm
I love Thursday night artwalk, but does anyone else find it odd that it is only open to downtown businesses? As of very recently, I work for a great kind of new gallery on 6th Ave. I would like to be part of Artwalk, but have been told we aren't eligible. Granted, we're not easy walking distance from downtown, but I'm wondering if anyone else finds it unfair that downtown businesses are excluding us from the party.

by Erik on 12/20/2007 @ 7:07pm
Why not start your own art walk on 6th avenue party?

by KevinFreitas on 12/20/2007 @ 9:22pm
I'm with Erik. Best part is that 6th Ave is even more walkable than downtown. Maybe you could hook up with the Art on the Ave folks to help make it happen.

by thriceallamerican on 12/21/2007 @ 10:08am
I'm thinking that it would inject some bad inter-business-district juju into the mix of Sixth Ave were to go directly head-to-head with downtown on 3rd Thursdays, but as long as it's on a different night, I think this could be really successful. I know for a fact that Sixth Ave is big on being the "eclectic, artsy" district, to the extent that the merchants group has an arts coordinator. Now would be the time for her to jump in. Ixia, you there?

by scout on 12/21/2007 @ 10:25am
I don't think it's about the businesses, it is about what is considered an actual art gallery. For awhile any business that had a few pieces of art up on the wall was calling itself an art gallery and getting publicity, which sort of bugged the tradtional galleries, who actually pay a quarterly/yearly fee to belong to the group.

The "rules" were tightened up a bit to make sure that only art gallery galleries were included on artwalk (and the museums, of course).

You can see how this might be a bone of contention - it's sort of like me cutting someone's hair in mya rt gallery and claiming I'm a hair saloon. People may not realize it but a lot goes into running an art gallery, hanging a show, hosting a reception where an artist is available to meet people.

by intacoma on 12/21/2007 @ 12:13pm
dont feel excluded, piggyback on it, why not rally up 6thave places and start up something new

by izenmania on 12/21/2007 @ 2:59pm
I definitely agree that if something like this happens on 6th Ave., it ought to be on a different night. Both areas are perfectly walkable on their own, but not really in conjunction. And I think the last thing we need is the different business districts of Tacoma competing against each other, when they'd be much better off coordinating to compete against Seattle/the mall.

by jacksonscott on 12/21/2007 @ 6:02pm
The problem with starting our own artwalk is that there's only one gallery on 6th Ave now. However, there's lots of outlets for culinary and musical arts. We've got Art on the Ave one time in the summer, but there needs to be more. We're not looking to compete with downtown as much as we'd like to be part of enhancing the scene. Thanks for the thoughts!

by Skydiving Agent on 2/5/2008 @ 8:40am
Why should it have to be on a different night? I thought 3rd Thursday was the traditional art walk night everywhere (or am I misinformed?).

I think the 6th Ave art people would probably attract a totally different (hopefully neighborhood/local) crowd than the downtown people. Why can't they coexist? Am I naive?

by izenmania on 2/5/2008 @ 9:21am
They can coexist if they want, I just disagree with the notion that they would attract a different crowd. The point of the Artwalk is to get people from OTHER neighborhoods to come down. If they all happen on the same night, then everyone just stays in the place where they already were. I think it would be healthier for both to have them on different nights. Whether or not it's your intent to compete with another neighborhood, the fact that they are two walkable areas that are difficult to walk between makes it unlikely that people will do both.

I do wish Art on the Ave was more than an annual thing. I would be heartily in favor of a 1st Thursday AotA and a 3rd Thursday Artwalk. I would also be in favor of having them on the same night if, say, for that one night a month Pierce Transit established a free ride zone on the 1 route from 6th through downtown.

(1st Thursday is also, I believe, when Pioneer Square up in Seattle does their Artwalk)

by jacksonscott on 2/6/2008 @ 12:37pm
With respect to Izenmania (the walker) what I've noticed is that many, many (most) people who attend artwalk in the winter simply DON'T walk between all the galleries. Granted, even downtown's galleries are fairly spread out, and the weather does not make it as comfrotable to walk around for hours at a time as say, Santa Cruz, Ca. But I don't think adding another neighborhood or two to the downtown artwalk would put anyone in competition. I would hope that it just gave people more choices.

by izenmania on 2/6/2008 @ 12:58pm
That's fair. Transportation issues aside, I still think that on any given day most people would only be inclined to go to one, and haven't seen any disadvantage expressed as regards holding them on different nights, other than the fact that the phrase "Third Thursday" is in people's heads. Is there any fundamental disadvantage to alternating rather than synchronizing that I'm not seeing?

by FunkomaVintage on 3/3/2008 @ 12:47pm
I'm laaaate to this much as some people wish they could own art walk, it is now a common good.....It's been a fixture in artsy communities and wanna-be artsy communities for decades. True, some "member galleries" can organize and collect dues for something.....and that's all fine and dandy....that business model is fine, but it's not for everyone........and as far as any business that hangs art .....for sale or just for enjoyment IS an art gallery.......if you cut hair part time you ARE a hair salon....if that's how you represent and bring a bit of some seriousness/committment to it..............You can't own ART....the ART The Commons in the pre-capitalism sense..................geez, you old people can be soooo tiresome with your ownership society......
anyone can organize anything and call it anything they want.....You can put on a beret and call yourself An Artist......ok with me. But that don't necessarily make you talented....and 6th Ave.....Do it man, just do have my permission.....

by Voronoff-the-Ghost-Critic on 3/4/2008 @ 10:53am
who cares if it's in a high-end gallery or walking down the street, displayed in a wine bar or in a donut shop,
installed on a street corner guerilla style or city-commissioned with a 1,000$ budget?!
if any of you know anything about Portland then you must have heard about Last Thursday in the ALberta Arts District that started @ 8 years ago in opposition to the First Thursday Downtown Walk...........
It wouldnt be that hard to set up an artwalk on 6th
I'm sure all the biz would love it, maybe it would even be fun........join forces and hold hands people
or don't and just be too-cool and ultra-secret....