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2/26, 1pm — 5pm

Cherokee Club Meeting

Are you Cherokee or think you may be? Come on over

2/26, 1:30pm — 4:30pm

Miss Representation: A documentary

2/27, 10:30am — 11:30am

Nature Discovery Hour

2/28, 6:30am

Community Garden Seed Swap

Bring a dish to share at the potluck

2/28, 6pm — 8pm

Circle of Healing

Open to all who need spiritual or psychological healing

2/28, 7pm

Vegan Book Club

2/29, 5pm — 7pm

Meet and Mingle/Open Mike

Read poetry, sing, tell a story, meet new people and have fun!

3/1, 4pm — 7pm


A StoryLab Workshop for teens

3/1, 6pm — 3/30, 8pm

RR's Tacomic+amocaT Art Show 2.0

Underground Political Cartoons at Amocat Cafe

3/2, 10:30am — 11:30am

Nature Alphabet: F is for Frog

3/2, 7:30pm —

Soul Shop -Open Mic

3/3, 10am — 4pm

Beginning Jewelry Workshop

learn to make metal jewelry

3/3, 10am — 4pm

Indian Market

3/3, 1pm — 3pm

Letterboxing Workshop

3/3, 1pm — 4pm

Scratch: An introduction

A programming language for everyone!

3/3, 1:30pm — 2:30pm

Snake Lake Science Fair