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2/12, 11am — 4pm

Artist Craft Fair!

2/12, 1pm — 3pm

Partner Yoga at Source Yoga in UP!

Intermediate with Angi and Bryan

2/13, Noon — 1:30pm

Tahoma Audubon Bird Walk

2/14, 5pm — 4/11

Stone Soup

2/14, 6pm — 8pm

Circle of Healing

Open to all who need spiritual or psychological healing

2/15, 10:30am — Noon

Budding Scientists: Animal Families

2/15, 1pm — 4pm

Craft Corner - Pottery

Learn a new skill and create something fun through the art of pottery

2/15, 5pm — 2/16, 7pm

Meet and Mingle/Open Mike

Read poetry, sing, tell a story, meet new people and have fun!

2/15, 5:30pm — 3/21, 6:45pm

Next Six Week Intro Series at Source Yoga UP!

in February

2/15, 6:30pm — 8:30pm

Parents Across America Meeting

2/16, 4pm — 7pm


A StoryLab Workshop for teens

2/17, 10:30am — 11:30am

Nature Alphabet: E is for Earthworm

2/18, Noon — 2pm

Yoga Clothing Trunkshow!!!