Monday, March 10th, 7pm

David Bacon Talk on Globalization

David Bacon will speak on globalization and how it creates migration and criminalizes immigrants. Bacon has been a reporter, writer and photojournalist for the past 18 years, now based in Oakland and Berkeley. Bacon is an associate editor at Pacific News Service, and writes for a number of publications. He hosts a half-hour weekly radio show on labor, immigration and the global economy on KPFA-FM. For twenty years, he was a labor organizer for unions, in which immigrant workers made up a large percentage of the membership. Bacon was chair of the board of the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and helped organize the Labor Immigrant Organizers Network and the Santa Clara Center for Occupational Safety and Health. He served on the board of the Media Alliance and belongs to the Northern California Media Workers Guild.

David Bacon is the author of several books, including The Children of NAFTA (2004) and Communities Without Borders (2006), a photo-documentary project sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. Bacon has a new book coming out later this year titled Illegal - How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants. He is currently working on a project entitled Living Under the Trees, sponsored by the California Council for the Humanities and California Rural Legal Assistance. For it, he is photographing and interviewing indigenous Mexican migrants working in California’s fields. He is also currently documenting popular resistance to war and attacks on immigrant labor and civil rights. Sponsored by United for Peace of Pierce County.

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