Thursday, July 24th, 11:30am

Knights of Veritas: The Science of Swordfighting

at the Main Library

The program includes discussion of leverage, geometry,
physiology, chemistry, physics and more, delivering a surprising program which demonstrates that real science was alive and well in the combat arts of medieval knights! Two knights wearing museum-quality replicas of the clothing and armour of the late 1300s demonstrate authentic historical sword combat techniques from medieval manuscripts both in and out of armour with accurately weighted and detailed steel swords. Running approximately 1 hour in length, the presentation includes a discussion of the Code of Chivalry and free Chivalry handouts for every young lord and lady who aspires to be a knight. The presentation also includes free color supplements on a variety of popular historical topics and a very rare display of actual medieval antiquities which can be seen nowhere else in the Pacific Northwest!
Ages 7+

Cost / Admission

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Contact Info
Sara Holloway
Main Library - Olympic Room
1102 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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