Saturday, November 3rd, 10am — 8pm

World Dungeons & Dragons Day

Join us on THIS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3rd, 2007 for our for a great time at our ANNUAL celebration of DUNGEONS and DRAGONS!

As adventurers across the globe start to plan their journeys for the 2nd ANNUAL WORLDWIDE DUNGEONGS and DRAGONS DAY, we thought we’d share a few bits of information about what you can expect at COMIC BOOK INK.

We will have a TREASURE CHEST of GOODIES that will include: Pre-rolled Characters, Character Sheets, Dice and a Pencil. All prepared for a special adventure set in Icewind Dale; a location in the popular Forgotten Realms world.

We have enough Treasure Chests for 25 Players, so it is recommended you arrive early for a spot.

Character Parties will begin to be assembled when the store opens at 10:00am with adventuring expected to begin at 11:00am.

There will also be limited numbers of a special giveaway miniature from the latest Desert of Desolation D&D Miniatures set. This miniature comes with a totally unique first! Each comes with the very first 4th Edition stat card detailing not just the new stats for the new edition of D&D but also the stats for the new D&D Miniatures game! Those lucky heroes receiving one of these will be in the vanguard of information as these are the very first stats publicly released for the new game.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see the first information about the new edition available May 2008 and help celebrate D&D globally!

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Comic Book Ink
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