Friday, June 14th, Noon — 1pm

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 6, Episode 11

Join us at Frost Park every Friday lunch hour from April through October to watch chalk art in action! Bring a lunch and root on your favorite chalkie then head back here to vote for your favorite! As always, there's free chalk on hand so feel free to join in!

Cost / Admission
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Joel Larson
Frost Park
9th & Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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by Hank
on 6/13/2013 @ 5:47pm
Is it going to be happening this week? They had almost all of the park blocked off today.

by jilarson
on 6/13/2013 @ 10:29pm
This will happen, no matter where we have to draw!

by BenDavis
on 6/13/2013 @ 11:52pm
Wear safety orange.

by jilarson
on 6/14/2013 @ 7:54am
Who knows what the weather will bring today. I suppose I could look at the international knowledge system or something like that to find out, but... meh.

Today we have a returning sponsor in "The Broadway Center" and a theme of "Brew, five, three"

Find a surface at the park (If there are any left) and Draw! Draw! Draw!

(alas, once again logistics of life... and a last day of school visit to Gibson's ... will keep me from my appointed rounds)

by NineInchNachos
on 6/14/2013 @ 8:40pm
I have pics! I will post soon!

by Adam the Alien
on 6/14/2013 @ 11:47pm
RR, I take it "soon" doesn't translate to "today," eh? :-D

Thankfully, I just discovered Redorblack Nigelbottom's pictures, and reviewed the artwork. This allows me, with very little time left, to cast my vote.

I vote for...Redorblack Nigelbottom! I do love me some old school space art, and his space scene on the fountain found itself to be my favorite, this week.

by Gin Gin
on 6/15/2013 @ 1:17am
Where are the photos? I think we should extend the vote until there are photos up.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 5:45am
I fell asleep mid upload. #winning !

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 6:22am
you must use the word vote in your vote.

art by Michael Fitzgerald's Mom

art by Michael Fitzgerald !

art by Jenny W.

art by Scott (red or black)

art by BEN DAVIS

art by Jenny W's comrade?

art by TROY

art by STOWE

art by GINI

art by C.O.T.

art by RR

use word 'vote' in your vote!

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 6:26am

by takhoman
on 6/15/2013 @ 7:32am
vote for rr

by jennetters
on 6/15/2013 @ 9:30am
I'd like to vote for Troy's old time-y monster

by Gin Gin
on 6/15/2013 @ 11:11am
I vote RR. Thanks for posting the photos.

by troysworktable
on 6/15/2013 @ 11:18am
I love Ben's abstract art, with its bold colors and intriguing shapes. That being said, though, I am going to VOTE for Gini's colorful "Brew Five Three" heart since it was the only piece that played with the proposed theme. (And the colors really popped off of the black.)

by julie.kiesel
on 6/15/2013 @ 12:36pm
I vote Stowe

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 1:38pm

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 1:43pm

by debivans
on 6/15/2013 @ 1:50pm
I vote Jenny W. I also vote that every week we extend voting. ALL WEEKEND till midnight Sun. or something?

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 1:52pm
extended voting ONLY if a participant invokes the history eraser button rule.

by Adam the Alien
on 6/15/2013 @ 6:10pm
I'm sticking with the vote that I made yesterday, except didn't make because of the magic history eraser button. I still vote for Redorblack (Scott)!

by troysworktable
on 6/15/2013 @ 6:16pm
Even though I already voted, I vote for Debivans's idea.

by Adam the Alien
on 6/15/2013 @ 8:32pm
Even though I often fail to vote by midnight (either due to forgetfulness or not being near a computer), and even though I've received many a late vote (by hours or days) for my own entries...I've always liked the immediacy of it all. Statistically speaking, people are actually less likely to remember to vote the longer any contest goes on. Plus, there have, in the past, been time-sensitive prizes. And I like knowing the results quickly.

I think reminding/encouraging people to post their images in the thread (not just Twitter and Facebook) as soon as they're able is more helpful than extending voting.

by troysworktable
on 6/15/2013 @ 8:40pm
Except lately, even with immediate photos, there has been diminished participation in voting. Even amongst those who chalked.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/15/2013 @ 8:57pm
we should vote on the amendments !

by takhoman
on 6/15/2013 @ 9:30pm
so who won?

by jamesstoweart
on 6/15/2013 @ 11:20pm
Can we still vote? If so I am going to vote for myself because I am really happy with my Munny in peril and I accidently knelt in dog poo in order to make it.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/16/2013 @ 1:08pm
Frost Park dog poo is the worst.