Friday, May 24th, Noon — 1pm

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 6, Episode 8

Join us at Frost Park every Friday lunch hour from April through October to watch chalk art in action! Bring a lunch and root on your favorite chalkie then head back here to vote for your favorite! As always, there's free chalk on hand so feel free to join in!

Photo by Darkain Multimedia

Cost / Admission
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Joel Larson
Frost Park
9th & Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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by KevinFreitas
on 5/23/2013 @ 12:39pm
What's this week's prize?

by NineInchNachos
on 5/24/2013 @ 8:25am
sonics guy SUPER PRIZE!

Sonics Guy: "I'll be sponsoring the Frost Park Chalk Walk tomorrow. Friday noon corner of 9th and Pacific downtown Tacoma. The Sonics chalk design voted the best wins a $25 Amocat gift card. A Sonics apron great for BBQ Season signed by me and a coveted Sonics Guy button. Come on down and chalk."

by jilarson
on 5/24/2013 @ 8:51am
In addition to the Sonics Guy package, there is also a $25.30 Blow out from Embellish.

by ALT
on 5/24/2013 @ 10:56am
...I'm probably not going to make it out to any Chalk-Offs until next year. It could be sooner, but I'm finding it really difficult to tear away from the house without planning extensively. Darn, and I had a great idea for this week, too!

by jilarson
on 5/24/2013 @ 11:02am
I have a meeting during the lunch hour today, so I won't be making it to the park today. Can someone make sure to get pictures and names? If you upload to Flickr and poke me when you have done so, I'm happy to make the voting post here.

by Gin Gin
on 5/24/2013 @ 1:33pm
So I do not believe I will win but I would like to have that button. Kris do you have more?

by Adam the Alien
on 5/24/2013 @ 1:46pm
Anybody get pictures?

by NineInchNachos
on 5/24/2013 @ 1:54pm
bring the baby!

by Hank
on 5/24/2013 @ 2:39pm
Remember that you must include the word VOTE with your vote or it won't be counted.

Barrett and Marcus








Kyra and Charlotte


by Hank
on 5/24/2013 @ 2:40pm

by NineInchNachos
on 5/24/2013 @ 2:46pm
I VOTE FOR Kyra and Charlotte

by Gin Gin
on 5/24/2013 @ 2:47pm
I vote Troy.

by jamesstoweart
on 5/24/2013 @ 2:58pm
I vote for Barrett and Marcus!

by MsPoppy
on 5/24/2013 @ 3:12pm
Chalk up my vote to Kyra and Charlotte. It has such a feeling of optimism, which is what we need to bring back the Sonics.

by jamesstoweart
on 5/24/2013 @ 3:20pm
I disagree... I think what we need is more heavily armed Squids carrying basketballs that shoot laserbeams out of it's eyes in order to bring the Sonics back!

by TacomaBikeRanch
on 5/24/2013 @ 5:24pm
I vote Troy. But Ben Davis's Zappa is freaking cool, Man.

by Adam the Alien
on 5/24/2013 @ 5:38pm
I vote for Stowe's Kris-ified basketball. Good use of Sonics Guy's iconic hair.

by Breadman2011
on 5/24/2013 @ 6:28pm
I vote Stowe! Good job.

by nerdtyson
on 5/24/2013 @ 6:35pm
I vote Stowe! Nice!

by ALT
on 5/24/2013 @ 7:09pm
Well, I gotta VOTE Stowe. Nice 'do.

by MarkMonlux
on 5/24/2013 @ 7:34pm
I laughed! I vote Stowe.

by troysworktable
on 5/24/2013 @ 7:38pm
I vote for Kyra and Charlotte.

They spent a lot of time working on their piece, longer than they have on any other piece they've done (individually or collectively) at Frost Park. And, they used Sonics Guy as the model for the uniform.

by troysworktable
on 5/24/2013 @ 7:41pm
I also love the "artillery squid" by Barrett and Marcus. I mistook it for an octopus and was fervently corrected.

by CStowe
on 5/24/2013 @ 8:21pm
My vote is for Audrey because I like it and because it was the first thing she told me about when I got home. She was clearly very proud of it.

by KevinFreitas
on 5/24/2013 @ 10:09pm
I'd vote Stowe this week because I want that t-shirt BUT he wins too much. Gini and Troy rocked it this week as well but my vote goes to Audrey. Well done! See everyone next week!

by stevedunkelberger
on 5/24/2013 @ 10:26pm

by Mandiferous
on 5/24/2013 @ 10:26pm
I vote for Debivans

by Joel 413
on 5/24/2013 @ 10:28pm
I vote for Audrey!

by reeciebird
on 5/24/2013 @ 10:31pm
I, too, vote for Audrey.

by alex.henshaw.9
on 5/24/2013 @ 11:30pm
I'm gonna vote for stowe!

by debivans
on 5/24/2013 @ 11:38pm
My vote goes to Barrett & Marcus. Great chalk by all this week!

by Hank
on 5/25/2013 @ 3:46pm
So after tallying all the votes, the results are as follows:

Stowe - 6
Audrey - 4
Kyra & Charlotte - 3
Troy - 2
Barrett and Marcus - 2
Debivans - 1

Looks like Stowe pulls victory away from his daughter. BTW, Stowe would have had 7 but you have to remember to add the word VOTE.

by NineInchNachos
on 5/27/2013 @ 1:03pm
TEAM STOWE! I have your prize package here at the house. We should be here all day.