Friday, April 5th, Noon — 1pm

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 6, Episode 1

Join us at Frost Park every Friday lunch hour from April through October to watch chalk art in action! Bring a lunch and root on your favorite chalkie then head back here to vote for your favorite! As always, there's free chalk on hand so feel free to join in!

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Joel Larson
Frost Park
9th & Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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by MsPoppy
on 3/30/2013 @ 2:25pm
I have fresh duck and goose eggs galore. There are way more than we can eat. They are top notch for baking and make the richest gourmet quality omelets. I'll bring a few dozen to Chalk Off, no set price but donations or barter much appreciated.

by NineInchNachos
on 4/3/2013 @ 8:04pm

can follow along on facebook too

by troysworktable
on 4/4/2013 @ 8:33pm
Is there a plan B for rain, which is highly probable—like Sketch Off at Dorky's?

by NineInchNachos
on 4/4/2013 @ 8:36pm
It's going to be so sunny

by troysworktable
on 4/4/2013 @ 8:41pm
"Overcast with rain. High of 57F. Winds from the SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 90%."

by troysworktable
on 4/4/2013 @ 8:41pm
I guess I'll bring the umbrella. And a towel to partially dry off the concrete.

by MsPoppy
on 4/4/2013 @ 8:58pm
Rain at Chalk Off? unheard of! we'll just have to cancel. I don't mean that. I'm all ready for chalking and am NOT waiting another week.

by JesseHillFan
on 4/5/2013 @ 8:08am
You guys need something like this for those inclement weather days.

or maybe this

Or others ones.

by Adam the Alien
on 4/5/2013 @ 9:54am
Sadly, I can't make it, but I can't wait to see what you guys draw! Gimme lots o' pictures! And video! And chaos!

Well, the chaos is a given, I suppose.

by Adam the Alien
on 4/5/2013 @ 10:16am
"Is there a plan B for rain, which is highly probable—like Sketch Off at Dorky's?"

Come on, Troy, you know we're out there no matter the weather. If I didn't have things to do down in Oregon today, I'd be up there chalking even if there was a foot of snow!

by troysworktable
on 4/5/2013 @ 10:36am
I'll be there. But I want to see a lot of others there, downpour or not.

by Adam the Alien
on 4/5/2013 @ 10:54am
If anyone wants to sneak the Alien into a drawing, so I can sort of be there, you will win a hug. Or if you don't like hugs, you will win a not-hug.

by Adam the Alien
on 4/5/2013 @ 2:29pm
So...any pictures?

by stevedunkel
on 4/5/2013 @ 2:50pm

by Adam the Alien
on 4/5/2013 @ 3:22pm
Who drew what?

by NineInchNachos
on 4/5/2013 @ 4:15pm
here are some pictures!
more here:

by Joel 413
on 4/5/2013 @ 4:49pm
Sorry for the delay in labelled pictures. Spend the day playing in the rain at the park with the kids.










Stowe - Final Bridge

Mark Monlux




I count 14 artists for episode 1, that's a fantastic start to the season. While there's no prize on the line (this week, we've got prizes lined up through the end of June though!!) there was some fantastic chalk art out there.

Now remember, you have until midnight tonight to vote, and you must use the word "VOTE" in your comment or it doesn't count!

by Hank
on 4/5/2013 @ 5:06pm
My VOTE goes to Stowe.

by NineInchNachos
on 4/5/2013 @ 5:55pm
I VOTE for the Tadpole

by demgal88
on 4/5/2013 @ 7:51pm
I vote for Stowe (although Stuart did a great job) and I admire Troy's subject!
I miss Ariel!

by Mark Monlux
on 4/5/2013 @ 7:59pm
My vote goes to Ben Davis.

by Mark Monlux
on 4/5/2013 @ 8:40pm
Some other shots of the event.




Stowe's Bridge
and more at

by CaptainBritton
on 4/5/2013 @ 9:36pm
I vote Stowe.

by KevinFreitas
on 4/5/2013 @ 9:53pm
Wow! Great work everyone! I love Stuart's and Monlux's and all the kids were fantastic but I vote Stowe since I'm on the board of the group who tried and still wants to tastefully light those beautiful bridges. Cheers everyone!

by troysworktable
on 4/5/2013 @ 10:20pm
I vote for Monlux's bunnies.

by MsPoppy
on 4/5/2013 @ 10:55pm
So many great chalkings today! I adore Micah's blue cheeked bunny, it looks so playful; but I VOTE for Lyn because the drawing style reminds me of the transience of both cherry blossoms and chalk art...

by Adam the Alien
on 4/6/2013 @ 12:15am
Ah, fuck. I was trying to decide who to vote for, and I lost track of time. Bleh.

by NineInchNachos
on 4/6/2013 @ 8:27am
I vote for flowers

by InvaderPet
on 4/6/2013 @ 10:50am
I vote for RIP Ebert.

by Adam the Alien
on 4/6/2013 @ 1:43pm
Wow, okay, so not only did I forget to vote, but voting itself was a mess this week (well, we've had messier, but still)! Thankfully, Stowe is the undisputed winner, or we'd have some trouble calculating things.

Stowe: 4
Ben: 1
Mark: 1
Lyn: 1
Poppy: 1?

RR voted twice this week, once for "tadpole" (I'm assuming that meant Poppy and applying that first vote to Poppy with a question mark) and one (I'm assuming) facetious late vote for "flowers" from the living embodiment of chaos and ridiculousness himself.

InvaderPet voted for RIP Ebert this morning, but the voting cutoff was midnight last night.

by NineInchNachos
on 4/6/2013 @ 3:50pm
I vote for Adam!

by Adam the Alien
on 4/6/2013 @ 4:26pm

by MsPoppy
on 4/6/2013 @ 4:45pm
I'm ready for next week. It needs to get here now.