Saturday, January 5th, 9am

Urban Fell Race 2

Alley Fell

Up for a challenging and fun event? Join us for the second in a series of four urban fell* races. All are welcome.

The course, to be revealed the night prior (see Facebook event page), will be run mostly in alleys, on dirt, asphalt, and brick surfaces.

Start/Finish is at Garfield Park. Distance will be a shade over three miles. $5 entry, all money paid back out as follows: 1st male 30%, 1st female 30%, 2nd overall 20%, 3rd overall 10%, one randomly-selected racer 10%. You can only win in one category.

Run at your own risk. There will be no traffic controls.

Let's race.


*Fell racing has been around for centuries in Europe. It's a style of off-trail mountain running characterized by hills and the high likelihood of s*** weather. Streets and parks and alleyways... These our our fells. Join us.

Cost / Admission
$5, all entry fees paid back out

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Garfield Park
Tacoma, WA
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