Tuesday, July 24th, 5:30pm

Learn Beginner Western Astrology with Steve-Ingvar Olson

A fun and informative course!

Are you interested in learning astrology? Are you curious when you overhear others discussing sun signs, moon signs, cusps and other terms that deal with natal charts and yet you have no clue what they mean?

Maybe you are too shy to ask?

Perhaps you just discovered how interesting astrology is?

Whatever your reason you don't want to miss out on this awesome, affordable opportunity to learn about this intriguing art ( and really folks it's as much art as it is science).

Steve -Ingvar Olson offers you this 8 week course is 80$ which breaks down to TEN DOLLARS a class! Now THAT'S a STEAL ( considering that today's market can have someone else read your chart for you, for around 60$ or so).

So what do you get out of this course?

*The history of Western Astrology
*Learn Planets and Power Points
*The Signs, Elements and Modes
*The Houses


So whether you haven't a clue about what any of that is, or you just started dabbling on your own.....this course was intended for YOU! The beginner! Don't be shy and let this wonderful opportunity pass you by!

Each class starts at 5:30pm and ends at 6:45pm.
Remember it is an 8 week course so you don't want to miss a class ( or you will miss out on the fun!)

Class size is limited so please call Angela at Crescent Moon Gifts at 253-572-8339 or register online at www.crescentmoongifts.com ( go to events: classes) .

Cost / Admission

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