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Here comes the second in a quarterly series of historic Open Mikes bringing back the acoustic music performers from open mikes run by Chris Lunn in California and for Victory Music from the early 1960’s through 1990. This second one will be Thursday, September 13th. This is sponsored by Ancient Victorys.

The first one was held in June with over thirty musicians showing up including two from the very first night of local open mikes in 1969 Tim Noah and Mike Dumovich. More showed from those early Court C Days, to the 70’s and 80’s at The Tracks in Auburn, and the entire 80’s in Tacoma at the Antique Sandwich.

Performers in June included many who run businesses in music including the founders of Wintergrass, national record label Yellowtail, recording studio Lange Studios, and the sound engineering firm OMB Productions. There were musicians who are just retiring and getting back into music, musicians who had not played in years and musicians who are exploring new music for them like jazz. Some with 25 years more experience of life to put into their music gave spectacular performances. All these were burned on to CDs, caught on video, and photographed. Plus there were history books of 1960’s to 1990 on hand.

In the 60’s Chris Lunn, a folk blues musician at the time, began a run of thirty years of unique, acoustic, listening Open Mikes, where the artists were allowed to play and be heard. This gave musicians a chance to work on any type of quiet to kicking sounds and be treated equally. The first Open Mikes were held in Palo Alto, California in four venues. Lunn came back to Washington in 1969 and immediately started the Court C Folk & Blues Workshop, what was later to become Victory Music Open Mikes. A number of artists visited from the California open mikes and two stayed, most notably folk commentator Jim Page of Seattle and the late Eric Eshelman.

The Antique Sandwich hosted Open Mikes during their heydays in the 1980’s, and they have invited Chris Lunn, Diane Schulstad and Rob Folsom to run a quarterly Open Mike featuring players for those eras. A total of almost 3,000 musicians presented their craft in these various venues. A number of the fine musicians have been lost like Eric Eshleman and Steve Guthe (Ferryboat Musicians). This has inspired this historical organization to locate players, connect them up, document, and present them in an Open Mike format. We do not want to lose this incredible NW music history. A new historical organization Ancient Victorys is now forming to carry this current music forward through print, internet, performances, and historic documentation. The organization is actively looking for volunteer with expertise in internet, web design, videography and editing, publicity, data base management, and flyer and publication distribution. Get involved at the ground floor.

Cost / Admission
$5 gen; $3 ch, sr, & Victory Members

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