Saturday, July 7th, 10:30am — 2:30pm

Niello Inlay Workshop

Step into the past - Learn Niello - Niello is a deep black alloy, used to fill recesses as decoration on gold, silver and bronze. This process was used chiefly for silver work, because of the stark contrast between the silver and the Niello. Since the finest engraved line or stamped design can be filled with the Niello, very complex designs can be produced creating a black design against the metal base. This workshop will focus on learning the basic Niello technique. While similar in appearance to black enamel, it is metal, not glass. The earliest Niello pieces are from Ancient Egypt, the practice continued through the middle ages and right up to the present. Since there are health risks associated with making Niello we will use prepared Niello powder to work with in class. The hazard lies in making the Niello, not in it's application. Students should bring 24 gauge silver or thicker to work with, or small pieces will be available for purchase. Basic soldering, sawing/cutting and filing skills suggested.

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