Friday, June 1st, Noon — 1pm

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 5, Episode 9

Join us at Frost Park every Friday lunch hour from April through October to watch chalk art in action! Bring a lunch and root on your favorite chalkie then head back here to vote for your favorite! As always, there's free chalk on hand so feel free to join in!

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Kevin Freitas
Frost Park
9th & Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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by KevinFreitas
on 5/31/2012 @ 6:54am
This week's sponsor is Tap Into T-Town ( who will bring free t-shirts to any chalker and is offering up two $20 gift certificates to Two Koi downtown to the winner!

Their scavenger hunt happens this Saturday around downtown and 6th Ave. with teams raising money for the Tacoma City Kids Marathon! So, since their efforts test people's knowledge of Tacoma, I suggest this week's theme be "Tacoma scavenger hunt". Or, if that doesn't get you, how 'bout your fav secret Tacoma spots or favorite business.

by InvaderPet
on 5/31/2012 @ 7:20am
What IS T-Town?

by NineInchNachos
on 5/31/2012 @ 9:24am
T-Town is a state of mind... a gnawing loneliness trapped inside a human meat sack. A yearning to unlock the portal between dimensions.. all dimensions.. a yearning to make frothy quantum foam out of newton's clockwerk universe... blinding, unbridled, howl at the moon madness. SPACE MADNESS!

by Hank
on 5/31/2012 @ 9:29am
So T-Town is not simply Tacoma? Sounds like you need a Tardis in order to access this so called T-Town RR.

by NineInchNachos
on 5/31/2012 @ 9:37am
Tardis Town

by KevinFreitas
on 5/31/2012 @ 12:42pm
Bow ties should be cool here.

by debivans
on 5/31/2012 @ 7:03pm
T-Town is that pothole on your street that never quite gets fixed but when you drive over it you know you are home.

The real secret is Bimbo's meat sauce recipe.

by InvaderPet
on 5/31/2012 @ 7:35pm
T-Town is Tacoma's Twilight Zone?

by L.S.Erhardt
on 6/1/2012 @ 12:39am
It's an affectionate nickname.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 8:03am
rainy day. think it will clear up?

by InvaderPet
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:09am
I hope so. It seems NW weather is off its bipolar meds.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:24am
looks like the rain has stopped. over cast right now. no hard shadows, good for pics!

by InvaderPet
on 6/1/2012 @ 11:25am
So..... alternatives? RR suggested Washington Convention Center.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 11:37am
nasty rain! was half joking about the greater tacoma convention center

by Dave_L
on 6/1/2012 @ 11:40am
If the Chalk-Off sponsorship isn't booked too far ahead already, The Magic Lantern Society (putting together the free magic lantern show at the Pythian Lodge tonight) would like to donate a gift certificate from a downtown business for an upcoming Chalk-Off, prior to their Int'l convention in Tacoma later this month. So until put on some magic lantern thinking caps. (R.R., they likely have a magic lantern slide of a pot-belly stove.)
BTW, it's just a light sprinkle in Olympia. Come on down.

by MarkMonlux
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:21pm
The rain kept me away today. I'm looking forward to seeing what brave souls withstood that downpour.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:29pm



A very soggy Andrea!




by JesseHillFan
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:35pm
Hey I rode 10 miles in the rain (when it was raining heavy) on my Veltop rain equipped bike and enjoyed it.I saw no other people riding a bicycle.Ha Ha just me.
Can I vote yet ?

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:35pm
more photos posted to the Frost Park facebook page

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:35pm

by JesseHillFan
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:38pm
O.K. to be honest there are some good ones but this time
I vote for RR and his gruesome Ron Paul

by CaptainBritton
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:46pm
I vote Troy.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 1:51pm
I vote for RR's True Grit Spirit Capture portrait

by Darkain
on 6/1/2012 @ 2:28pm
More Photos!!

by InvaderPet
on 6/1/2012 @ 2:36pm
Here's a more complete version of my drawing.

by InvaderPet
on 6/1/2012 @ 2:37pm
Have to vote Andrea again.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 2:43pm
some really great action shots sir!

by The Jinxmedic
on 6/1/2012 @ 2:43pm
Well, this time I actually vote for RR. Why? I don't know, but there it is. Only more mixed webshouting exclamation !!1!!11! marks would have improved upon its message.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/1/2012 @ 2:45pm
BOOOOOO!!!!!!1!!!! (that's Ronulan for thanks)

by TacomaBikeRanch
on 6/1/2012 @ 3:21pm
I vote for Poppy.

by Hank
on 6/1/2012 @ 3:33pm
Here's my piece.

by Keeper
on 6/1/2012 @ 3:46pm
I vote for Brandon

by troysworktable
on 6/1/2012 @ 4:24pm
I vote for Andrea.

by Maria
on 6/1/2012 @ 5:42pm
I vote for Troy. I like the sea creature quadriptych.

by scrapsandsass
on 6/1/2012 @ 5:46pm

by scrapsandsass
on 6/1/2012 @ 6:19pm
I "VOTE" for Troy. :D

by Duaflex
on 6/1/2012 @ 6:23pm
I'm voting for Andrea

by KevinFreitas
on 6/1/2012 @ 6:34pm
Good work today everyone sorry I missed out on the fun. I vote for Troy. See you next week!

by Hank
on 6/1/2012 @ 6:47pm
I vote Troy.

by debivans
on 6/1/2012 @ 7:39pm
Man, I overslept and missed chalking. Damn graveyard shift. My VOTE goes to Troy. Get that man some paints and canvas!

by ALT
on 6/1/2012 @ 9:34pm
I VOTE for Troy. Very creative with the different types of modern art represented by cephalopods.

by MsPoppy
on 6/1/2012 @ 9:44pm
Chalk up my vote for Troy! I love the cephalopodic goodness.

by Jesse Stah
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:05pm

by Adam the Alien
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:07pm
So many great ones on a wet day. Sad I couldn't make it, as I was up until after dawn moving and winding down from that, but glad to see what others did!

Poppy's captures my heart above all, though, so my vote goes to her "T-Town Treasures".

by Joel 413
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:13pm
I want to cast my vote for everyone, and I would have been there with you had not the office in the city of emeralds not required my presence today.

So I vote Troy.

by L.S.Erhardt
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:33pm
I gotta vote for Andrea's fish. I like carp.

by eConsultant
on 6/1/2012 @ 10:52pm
+1 vote for Troy

by ZenDoc
on 6/2/2012 @ 2:25am
I was in T-Town a couple hours after you guys finished and I drove by to get a mini-look. Kudos to everyone who braved the downpour to decorate the walls and sidewalks. I love Andrea's mutant fish which is a dead-ringer for her purse in that one photo (if that's her purse) and will vote for that if it can count. I don't see a vote tally yet. Troy's Modern Art Gallery of Cephalopods is also a very interesting Art History Lesson. Brandon's Soggy Elf is very cute and apropos. I got a chuckle out of Hank's rain-on-tap ... very clever. I saw 2 different versions of RR's Ron Paul. One looked pretty normal and looks like it was finished, but the one on this page looks like Zombie Ron, so was that intentional or is that what the rain will do when you let it express itself? Poppy had a nice sentiment with her T-Town Treasures, but Rialto is misspelled unless there is also a local treasure called the Rail-to (possibly near the Union Station?). Anyway ... I might as well do the vote count since no one else has.

by ZenDoc
on 6/2/2012 @ 2:42am
Vote Totals:
Troy: 11 Votes
Andrea: 5 Votes
RR: 3 Votes
Poppy: 2 Votes
Brandon: 1 Vote
Hank: 0 Votes :-(

So, it looks like a runaway for Troy! See if you agree.
Special Merit Badges should be given out for Braving It in the Rain All for the Sake of Art!! Great work!

by InvaderPet
on 6/2/2012 @ 7:36am
Zen, it's not an elf, it's Notle the Witch from my Pet Projects comic.

by NineInchNachos
on 6/2/2012 @ 8:10am
ZenDoc your critiques and vote counting skills are a welcome addition to our hodgepodge community! SERIOUS AWESOMENESS.

TROY! I have your prize! Will hand off next Friday. Congrats, enjoy our sushi... maybe you can order the raw octopus!

by MsPoppy
on 6/2/2012 @ 12:08pm
It is very fitting to have depictions of a sushi ingredient win the Two Koi gift cards. Octopus makes some seriously nummy nigiri. That little tangy sweet hint, yea, the tang is it's soul. SO Nummy!