Friday, May 4th, Noon — 1pm

Frost Park Chalk Off, Season 5, Episode 5

Join us at Frost Park every Friday lunch hour from April through October to watch chalk art in action! Bring a lunch and root on your favorite chalkie then head back here to vote for your favorite! As always, there's free chalk on hand so feel free to join in!

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Kevin Freitas
Frost Park
9th & Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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by KevinFreitas
on 5/3/2012 @ 9:54am
This week's sponsor is Comic Book Ink! In celebration of free comic day there this Saturday they're offering up a $50 gift certificate to the shop for the winner. Spread the word and we'll see everyone out there tomorrow!

by NineInchNachos
on 5/3/2012 @ 10:52am
gad zooks!

by Joel 413
on 5/3/2012 @ 11:23am
Have fun everyone! I will not be able to make it this week!

by KevinFreitas
on 5/4/2012 @ 6:53am
For today's theme I propose: Comical (could be comics, jokes, funny things/people, etc). See everyone at noon!

by KevinFreitas
on 5/4/2012 @ 1:48pm
Great work out there today! Pick your favorite but using the word "vote" in a comment below and tell your friends to help giveaway the $50 gift cert offered up by Comic Book Ink!

by RR Anderson

by Thorax O'Tool

by Poppy

by Gini

by Stowe

by Debivans

by Troy

by Brian (all except the Iron Munn at left)

by Stuart

by Thorax O'Tool

More over at

by Keeper
on 5/4/2012 @ 1:56pm
I vote for Troy!

by NineInchNachos
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:01pm
i vote for nsfw naked beans!

by kaotix
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:02pm
I vote for Stuart! With a not that Thorax was runner up for me.

So many great drawings this week.

by MarkMonlux
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:04pm
I vote for Stowe's iron clad pandering.

by CaptainBritton
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:06pm
I vote Debivans. (RIP MCA)

by jamesstoweart
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:13pm
I vote for Brian. He graciously allowed me to join him in his ambitious attempt to cover 16 ft. of wall in one hour.

If I could I would also vote for Debivans. His Haring/MCA tribute was masterful! Actually... anyone that wants to vote for me this week should vote for Debivans.

Me though... I vote for Brian!

by NineInchNachos
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:15pm
I change my vote for Debivans !

by troysworktable
on 5/4/2012 @ 2:43pm
I vote for Debivans. His Keith Haring homage while working in RIP MCA, acknowledging the former's birthday and the latter's deathday, is very powerful for me. And it was in the midst of a lot of great work to consider this week.

by Duaflex
on 5/4/2012 @ 3:28pm
I'm voting for DebIvans this week!

by Erik
on 5/4/2012 @ 3:39pm
I vote for Brian's masterpiece!

by TacomaJ
on 5/4/2012 @ 4:09pm
Debivans, and definitely RIP to MCA, decades of putting a smile on my face. :)

by Jesse
on 5/4/2012 @ 4:54pm
I vote for Debivans

by CptMashek
on 5/4/2012 @ 5:13pm
I vote for Stuart! :D

by Bjr
on 5/4/2012 @ 6:13pm
Today was a great day to chalk Stowe thank you for your work blasting the front of the Hulks ride also added in Iron man kicking the front tire major blow out. The Hulk started from last weeks gluttony piece thanks to who ever left that mouth image there. i thought the raised white letters fit Comic Ink . Check out Gordy Lee `s work later and coming soon The book Built not Bought by Gordy Lee and myself hot rod illustrations.

by TramtheRam
on 5/4/2012 @ 6:16pm
Hello everyone long time no see!

quite a few awesome looking pieces today, I think I shall cast my vote for Stuart.

by Bjr
on 5/4/2012 @ 6:19pm
Awesome piece today Debivans amazing but I have to vote for my piece today in attempt to cover all 16 feet of that wall . And that i will by the end of the season. I`ll see everyone in a couple weeks back to work Chalk at you Chalkies L8ter .

by MsPoppy
on 5/4/2012 @ 7:41pm
Having so much trouble deciding! I want to Vote for Stuart, Thorax and RR! Oh decisions... Because I've missed him so much, Chalk Up my Vote for Stuart!

by debivans
on 5/4/2012 @ 7:50pm
Had a great time trying to channel some Haring today!

Great work by all. My VOTE goes to Troy's Yo Chalka Chalka.

by Hank
on 5/4/2012 @ 8:32pm
I vote Debivans!

by ALT
on 5/4/2012 @ 8:54pm
Holy cow, the entries today were amazing! Although I didn't make it to Frost Park today...I'm kind of glad for that. Really - my best idea for today was a banana peel.

I love Stowe's hilarious Iron Man, and Poppy's awesome looking, serpentine fish. But, I cast my VOTE for Thorax O' Tool. I have not seen The Burninator in many a moon. TROG-DOOOOOOOOOR!!

by thecokeman
on 5/4/2012 @ 9:22pm
I vote for Brian. I had fun watching my brother in action today.

by hiddenmickey
on 5/4/2012 @ 9:24pm
I vote for Brian for attempting to cover such a large space.

by L.S.Erhardt
on 5/4/2012 @ 10:41pm
It's a tough one this week.

I like Trogdor. I REALLY like RR's streaking beans... EXCEPT that Beatrice is apparently missing arms.
Debivan's is impressive, but I really think Keith Harring is seriously overrated.

All in all, my vote has to go to the 16-foot epic mural from Brian.

by TacomaBikeRanch
on 5/4/2012 @ 10:59pm
I vote Debivans. Very cool mash-up.

Hat tip to TO'T.

Burninating the countryside, Burninating the peasants, Burninating all the THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES!!!!

by KevinFreitas
on 5/4/2012 @ 11:43pm
I'm split between Stuart, Stowe, and Debivans today! It was great to see everyone and watch the chalk fly but my vote goes to Debivans for his mash-up as well. Brings me back to the early days of Frost Park where color was an unknown quantity.

Well done everyone -- see you next week!

by L.S.Erhardt
on 5/5/2012 @ 12:34am
And Trogdor comes in the Niiiiiiiiiiight!!!!

on 5/5/2012 @ 11:53am
Test Message

on 5/5/2012 @ 11:56am

by KevinFreitas
on 5/9/2012 @ 6:40am
Wow, I just realized after being away this weekend that no one else counted these up. So, the late tabulation is in, and the winner of the $50 gift card generously offered up by Comic Book Ink is...

Debivans 7
Brian 6
Stuart 4
Troy 2
Stowe 1

Well done everyone! We still need a sponsor for this week so if anyone is inclined please email me at
Thorax 1