Wednesday, April 4th, 11am — 1pm

Walk Tacoma Series

Wright Park

Downtown On the Go and the American Heart Association, in partnership with Metro Parks, are coming together to host a walking event in celebration of National Walking Day. This event will kick-off Downtown On the Go’s 2012 Walk Tacoma series sponsored by Franciscan Health System.

Held in Wright Park, the event will include a “power walk” led by fitness trainer Paige Van Der Vliet of Tacoma Living Fit, and a historical walk led by Melissa McGinnis and Erik Hanberg of Metro Parks. The walk, sponsored by The Hub, will begin at the south side of Wright Park by the lion sculptures at noon and will be about 1.5 miles in length. Walkers will also be able to visit booths from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. to learn more about cardiovascular health, receive information about other walking events, and get to know DOTG and AHA. There is no pre-registration necessary, simply join us at the meeting spot.

“Our joint goal is for residents and employees to add walking into their daily routine, whether it is at a lunch break, parking a little further away for added exercise, or walking to and from work,” said Kristina Walker, Downtown On the Go Manager. Through this connection between Downtown On the Go and the American Heart Association DOTG hopes to get people to adopt an active lifestyle and for companies to encourage their employees to incorporate physical activity into their day. Walking is the single most effective form of exercise to achieve heart health. By walking as little as 30 minutes per day one can improve their circulation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and promote weight loss, according to the AHA.

The Walk Tacoma 2012 series is a six-event walking series held in April, June and August. The fun, casual walks, now in their third year, encourage downtown employees and residents to exercise and enjoy the outdoors by discovering the different walking routes and parks in downtown Tacoma. Walking maps of all of the routes are available at no cost at Downtown On the Go (950 Pacific Ave, Suite 300), at many downtown businesses, or by contacting Meagan Kula, Downtown On the Go Coordinator, at 253-682-1734 or
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