Wednesday, February 29th, 7:30pm — 9pm

Tacoma Convergence Leap Year Exchange

Join the Tacoma Convergence for our second Exchange. Here's how it works: Everyone has old books, cds, clothes, knick-knacks, chotchkies, and other stuff that they don't need/use/want. You bring your stuff that falls into this category. Other folks bring their stuff. Then, the fun begins: You take what you want. Others take what they want. Fun times are had all around. In other words you get to simultaneously get rid of stuff you don't want and pick up a few things that you do want. It's what they call a win-win. Oh yeah.

While you are scoping out some fresh music or stylin' clothes, you have the opportunity to enjoy some light refreshments, and connect with like minded folks. Most importantly: you get a chance to learn a little more about what the Tacoma Convergence is all about - and what our approach for bottom up community development is. (feel free to join the Tacoma Convergence Facebook group too)

So dust off yer knickerbockers, sift through yer bookshelves, and join us for this very special Leap Year Day Exchange.

Oh, and bring a friend. The more people, the more cool stuff to score.

(Thanks to Patricia Lecy-Davis and Embellish Multspace Salon for hosting)

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Embellish Salon
1121 Court D
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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