Thursday, January 26th, 6pm — 9pm

Art Walk: Take Two

A Storm of a Different Kind

Art Walk: Take Two…

This Thursday 6 pm The Brick House and Fulcrum Gallery team up to bring you a storm of a different kind. Both galleries are hosting group shows of talented artists from strikingly different points along their career path. A self-portrait show at the Brick House offers a selection of established artists, while Fulcrum explores emerging talent with Dawn of 2012. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience artwork in these two uniquely Tacoman galleries, on their terms. ; )

The Brick House: Self-Portraits
Jan 26th – Feb 29th

Fulcrum: Dawn of 2012 (Emerging Artists of 2012)
Jan 26th to March 10th

Julian Pena - Kelsi Finney - Gabriel Brown
Kirsten Marie Pisto - Meghan Mitchell -Branden Urban

Fulcrum Gallery ushers in 2012 with a prime selection of Tacoma artists. Honored for their creative sensibilities, use of materials, identity and overall tenacity to persist within a hostile art environment. Expect a spectrum of graphic forms, surrealistic imagery, and repurposed materials. This visual arts show exposes a culture flourishing just beyond our sight.

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Contact Info
253 250-0520
Oliver Doriss
1308 M.L.K.
Tacoma, WA, 98405
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