Saturday, December 31st, 7pm — 11pm

Artist Reception - James Allan Tucker

Femme Tacoma

Join us at Mad Hat Tea as we proudly hold a reception for James Allan Tucker's Femme Tacoma series and other works.

"Art should never belong to just the rich or 'elite'. Art and design is everywhere and in everything. From the chair you're sitting in, to the cup you're drinking coffee from, somebody designed those things. My goal is to connect with the masses of society, to interact with the backbone of our humanity, which is of course the person next to you regardless if you are on a bus, at work or in a bar. Working class people who are doing what they have to in life. To give them the opportunity to possess artwork that inspires them, encourages their growth, and most importantly that they understand and connect with."

- James Allan Tucker

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Mad Hat Tea
1130 Commerce St.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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