Friday, August 26th, Noon — 1pm

Frost Park Chalk Off

Season 4, Episode 22

Come down to Frost Park and get your chalk off on! This weekly community art-in-action is open to all who want to chalk, snap photos, or just come by to enjoy their lunch and meet other Tacoma-types.

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Kevin Freitas
Frost Park
Pacific Ave. and S. 9th Street
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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by NineInchNachos
on 8/26/2011 @ 1:12pm
visitors today got a special treat. SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY DALE WASHAM - Pierce County Treasurer Assessor. He will be there the remainder of the day if you'd like to stop in and get your photo taken with him.

by Mark Monlux
on 8/26/2011 @ 3:21pm
I wasn't able to draw anything today. But I did stop by just after 1pm and took these photos. Funny titles for those who's name I don't know.

Skater with Nun-chucks

Tara's Flower

Troy's J.P. Mothersbaugh

Alien Visitation on a Nice Day

One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater by Adam the Alien

Jini26's Flower

Vote Bowl

Dale Washam Not Insane by RR Anderson

Let the voting commence.

by Mark Monlux
on 8/26/2011 @ 3:22pm
And while I love RR's work this week, I'm going to go with the hilarious mash-up Troy did of my favorite clown.
I vote Troy.

by boearc
on 8/26/2011 @ 3:40pm
I vote for Washam, no, wait, ah - recall - ok, (deep breath) make that a vote for RR then.

by jenyum
on 8/26/2011 @ 4:02pm
I vote for RR.

by JesseHillFan
on 8/26/2011 @ 4:15pm
I vote for RR as well

by The Jinxmedic
on 8/26/2011 @ 4:43pm
"JP Mothersbaugh" has my vote- ("Are we not men", indeed...)

Oh yes, I must phrase this in the form of a question:

"I vote for Troy"

by NineInchNachos
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:02pm
close up!

Troy is COMMANDING his chalk! Draw draw draw sir!

by NineInchNachos
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:02pm
(almost looks like mark monlux dressed up as JP Mothersbaugh )

by NineInchNachos
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:05pm
better shot of mine.


by L.S.Erhardt
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:15pm
Tara's flower for my vote!

by demgal88
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:23pm
OK, as much as I support the recall Washam petition I vote for the clown, Troy.

by Jesse
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:39pm
I vote for RR.

by KevinFreitas
on 8/26/2011 @ 5:47pm
Kyra and Tara are raising the bar for youth entries and I love the perspective in yours this week Adam! The others are great too but my vote goes to Tara for her beautiful flower. The nun-chuck skater was a close second!

by ChrisTopher
on 8/26/2011 @ 6:01pm
I vote for RR.

by Erik
on 8/26/2011 @ 6:06pm
I will vote for Boe in the election, but today I vote for RR!

by CaptainBritton
on 8/26/2011 @ 6:07pm
I think I'll Bowl vote. you know, throw some rocks, a few beers, a few laughs...Our troubles are 'n over.

by eConsultant
on 8/26/2011 @ 6:36pm
+1 vote for Troy's J.P. Mothersbaugh

by troysworktable
on 8/26/2011 @ 6:45pm
I vote for RR's NOT INSANE Dale Washam. I had the opportunity to have my picture taken with Dale today and declined.

by troysworktable
on 8/26/2011 @ 7:06pm
Kyra is responsible for "Alien Visitation on a Nice Day." It's actually "Dancing Fruit." She said, "Hey, the picture's upside down." A banana, apple, and orange have left their blue fruit bowl, which still houses a watermelon and lemon. The trio dances beneath a disco ball. A plate of breakfast and orange juice are at the bottom of the drawing.

by MsPoppy
on 8/26/2011 @ 8:07pm
Chalk up my vote for Kyra! I love the playfulness of it!

by psychopathchick#365
on 8/26/2011 @ 9:28pm
I might be not be the most artisic kid on the block but I can DANCE! And I challenge anyone of you to a Chalk Off DANCE OFF!

I vote TARA!


by Bjr
on 8/26/2011 @ 10:31pm
Cool stuff today wish I was there work and lack of sleep could`nt even make it in early maybe next week. Before I forget I vote R/R.

by NineInchNachos
on 8/26/2011 @ 11:46pm
I vote for Dale Washam!

by NineInchNachos
on 8/26/2011 @ 11:46pm

by The Jinxmedic
on 8/27/2011 @ 9:52am
Vote for Dale Washam/Sarah Pailn on the National Silly Party ticket.

by The Jinxmedic
on 8/27/2011 @ 9:54am
Or was that the "Stark Raving Loony" ticket? I always get my Python Parties confusicated.

Therefore, I find that I must refudiate my previous remark.

by Mark Monlux
on 8/27/2011 @ 11:03am
Here are the votes as I count them:

RR: 9
Troy: 4
Tara: 3
Kyra: 1
Bowl: 1