Saturday, July 30th, 7pm — 10pm

Tacoma City Ballet Art Gallery

Art, Music, Dance, Dessert and Wine!

Tacoma City Ballet is excited to announce their seventh Tacoma City Ballet Studio Gallery event, welcoming the public to come take in an evening of live music, ballet and a showcase of sensational art featuring local artists. Art of various media from local artists will be displayed for viewing and purchase, while guests enjoy wine and desserts. The local artists include: Susan Blass, Kim Bly, Rian Bunch, Tracy Carver, Patrick Edelbacher, Elwit, Rick Farrell, Rene Kiku, Julie Luke, Patty Makatura, Justin McDonald, Andrew Noel, Joseph Placich, PRW, Erick Schmidt, Iris Scott, Kristina Vanous, Ann Vargas and Cristalin Vyctres. Live music will fill the room throughout the evening and short dance works from Tacoma City Ballet, choreographed by Joel Myers, will be performed.

This night of festivities will provide casual attendees and enthusiasts of art, music and dance, a full evening of entertainment. Set in the breath-taking Jan Collum Ballroom in the Merlino Arts Center building, guests will be introduced to the exciting creations of artistic expression happening right now in Tacoma. The evening’s proceeds from art sales go to the artists, with a small percentage and the $5.00 admission fee (which includes dessert and a glass of wine) benefiting the Jan Collum Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund helps qualifying students receive scholarships that pay for class tuition and supplies such as dancewear and ballet shoes.

Cost / Admission
$5- Includes 1 glass of wine and dessert

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Contact Info
Leah Taff
Jan Collum Ballroom in the Merlino Arts Center
508 6th Ave.
Tacoma, WA, 98402
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